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Brokers provide cheaper loans

Looking for favorable mortgages? Then a lender can be a solution.

Brokers provide cheaper loans

Even though Kredittilsynet is skeptical about the use of so-called lenders, it may still be a good economy to contact a broker. They are not very visible in the loan market because they have small marketing budgets, but the loan terms they can obtain are nonetheless insignificant.

– We have a volume agreement with the banks, so we can negotiate good conditions, “says Einar Ihlebæk in Follo Consulting, as per. August 5 could offer its best mortgage at a nominal rate of 6.8 percent.

No additional charges

Loan Agents

Some of the lenders who appeared when we searched the internet for “financing” and “mortgages”:

Real Finance

Follo Consulting


Property Financing


Rydin Finance

Finance Point

Peace Finance

Property Financing


Plus Finance

For a loan customer there will be no additional costs to use a lender.

It is the bank that pays the broker’s fee, and that may make the bank happy.

– We provide total loans for around eight billion annually, and we are therefore quite a big player that can negotiate good terms, “says Tom Gusland Nielsen, Managing Director of Property Finance. “The banks’ fixed costs for the provision of loans are higher than the fees they pay, so it is still beneficial for them to offer better terms through us than if the customer made direct contact with the bank.

Customer’s economy determines

As with banks, it’s also the customer’s economy that determines how good a loan agent can negotiate. The brokers talked (on August 5th) had the best terms of 6.8 percent nominal interest rate. Similarly, at the banks the brokers had an agreement with, the interest rate was around seven percent and upwards.

Loan Example 1

Follo Consulting’s most favorable mortgage is 6.8 per cent nominal interest rate. They cooperate with DnB NOR and BNP Paribas. DnB NOR most favorable interest rate per. August 5th is 6.95 percent. It assumes that you are so-called Programming.

BNP Paribas offers 6.85 percent nominal interest rate as its best, provided that it has their customer program Exclusive (costs 49 kroner a month). After seven years, this program will provide an interest rate tax of 0.2 percent.

– The loan does not have to be within 60 percent of the value to get the best terms. It may be 70 percent, but what determines is how well organized and sound the customer’s economy is, says Gusland Nielsen.

Collaborates with banks

To engage in loan brokerage, the agents must have collaborated with one or more banks. This means that you do not necessarily get the market’s absolute lowest interest rate. You probably have to fix it yourself, and then Kredittilsynet’s financial portal can be a good tool. The lenders can manage to get the most favorable loan from a given bank, which you may already have a customer relationship with, but that is a bit of a crunch on the loan terms. Some of the following stories show: A woman in her thirties wanted to buy housing and contacted DnB NOR. The conditions she got there were not good enough. Following a friend’s tip, she contacted the eFinans lender. They could offer better conditions, and it also turned out that the loan was disseminated from DnB NOR. The woman contacted the bank with questions as to whether they could provide equally good conditions. They could not.

Loan Example 2

The mortgage agent Eiendomsfinans also has 6.8 per cent as its best nominal interest rate. They cooperate with Nordea, Storebrand and SpareBank 1.

Nordea offers 6.95 percent nominal interest rates as its best, provided that you are a member of their Benefit Plus program. As a regular customer, you need to thank 8.55 percent.

Storebrand has 6.99 as its best interest rate, provided that it is called “Partnership” (costs 125 kroner a month).

SpareBank 1 has set its best interest rate to seven percent.

Both examples are based on borrowing more than 2,000,000 (which gives the banks the best interest rate) and that it is borrowed within 60 percent of the value of the property.

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