Bring the house as you move

This way you can take the house as you move.

Bring the house as you move

Bring the house as you move

MOVABLE SECTIONS: Using sliding panels lets you decide on the room solutions. Photo: Steffen Ja¨nicke / Studio Aisslinger

Bring the house as you move

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Bring the house as you move

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Bring the house as you move

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It is the inspiration of the nomadic lifestyle, as well as the dream of living on the top of a high rise that is the backdrop of the futuristic homes.

The German designer Werner Aisslinger is the very brain behind the project, which according to its websites has earned many awards for its work.

Perfect for the city’s roofs

Aisslinger focuses on today’s young and urban people who are constantly looking for change. Therefore, the design must be both flexible and stylish. The minimalist cube works like a snail house, and can be placed wherever desired.

– Loftcube is perfect for the city’s rooftops, for urban nomads who may move a lot in the workplace, says Aisslinger on his website.

In order to understand simple and spontaneous relocation, the cube has a calculated weight that allows transportation by means of a construction crane or helicopter. It is also considered that it should not exceed the permissible weight on a rooftop but at the same time be able to withstand maximum wind power.

Removable sections

The cubes have a modest size of 39 square meters, which in turn are well utilized using removable sections. This, combined with removable furniture systems from Interlübke, opens up to many room solutions.

However, if you want larger space, you can easily connect multiple modules using passports.

Panoramic view or skylight

The four outer glass walls provide 360 ​​degree views, but transparency can also be adjusted using perforated plates or slats in wood.

However, if you want to lie in bed and look at the starry sky, this is possible with a window that can be opened and closed.

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Bring the house as you move

GOOD PLACE: The windows that extend from ceiling to floor even get 39 square meters to appear spacious. Photo: Steffen Jänecke / Studio Aisslinger

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