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Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

It was a controversial decision to make a coffee shop in the north’s oldest fire station, but the result is hotter than a firefighter in uniform.

Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

A short month ago, the coffee chain, Kaffebrenneriet, opened its newest café, in Greenland’s camp 32. This has quickly become a popular place for good coffee.

It’s not just the new brewery or backwaters that draw people, it’s simply the cool interior. The coffee is not located in any address.

Greenland camp 32 houses the north’s oldest fire station. It was completed in 1866, eight years after the great fire, which took large parts of the capital.

Absolutely raw style

The coffee brick walls are therefore original from 1866, the sculpture that goes from the second floor to the coffee bar is the northernmost sculpture, and old bayonets used as handles are cool pieces in a cafe.

But stools in industrial silk, rough wood and extensive use of steel pipes and coarse leather make the coffee shop distinctive and modern.

Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

CULT INTERIOR: In order to keep the style, the interior of the coffee industry’s latest bar is industrial and rough. Very modern. Photo: Eva Høydalsvik

Controversial decision

Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

TIME IS STILL: In Greenland’s fire station, time has stood still for a while. The old clock is a nice reminder that it’s okay to have a coffee break. Photo: Coffee Brunch

The fire station was shut down after 112 years of continuous operation, in 1978. Oslo feiervesen took over parts of the premises for some years, but in 1986 the Fire Museum opened in parts of the premises.

It was therefore a controversial decision when the Oslo municipality decided to let the coffee industry open cafe in premises that became vacant last year.

– Greenland Fire Station and Oslo Fire Museum should have been handled as a cultural company, says Tone Tellevik Dahl to Fagbladet, the Union Federation’s member magazine.

Tellevik Dahl is deputy chairman of the urban development committee (AP), and worked to get the fire museum money to rent the available premises. The fire museum extends 400 square meters in the old fire station, but has long needed more space.

Antenna fire equipment is out

– Veteran fire trucks stand out, pumps and equipment from the mid 1800’s are stowed away. A teaching room for visiting school students is also on the wish list, says Trond Flaarud, Head of the Fire History Association, to Fagbladet.

The problem was that Oslo Municipality demanded market prices for the premises. 1 million for the 800 square meters, which the municipality responsible for the museum, Omsorgsbygg KF, could not afford.

Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

NO FASADE CHANGE: Branstasjonen 1866 looks like it always has, but behind the doors can now drink coffee. Photo: Eva Høydalsvik

The museum operates on a voluntary basis and has no revenue, and is therefore dependent on the support of the cultural theater.

Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

MURET INNE: The Greenland Fire Station was designed by architect Wilhelm von Hanno, who also designed the Greenland church, which is neighboring. Photo: Eva Høydalsvik

Believe in good cooperation

Omsorgsbygg KF contacted Tellevik Dahl, who worked to get the fire station transferred to the culture center, thus obtaining a different rental price. As she waited for reply, the message from the bureau came that the premises had been rented to the coffee industry.

– It’s almost unforgivable. This is not the way to treat important partners for the municipality, “says Tellevik Dahl to Fagbladet.

– We have nothing against the coffee industry, and believe in good cooperation with them. It is the treatment that became the museum to which we respond, emphasizes Flaarud to Fagbladet.

The result is worth a visit

When the coffee shop’s new cafe is opened, the fire museum hopes they will attract customers to the museum as well. This is what Steinar Paulsrud believes.

Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

BACKGROUND: In these hard days, horses were used to draw water to the fire, but in 1919 the stables were converted to garages. The Oslo Fire Museum wishes to move the old car in, so it is better preserved, but for so long it is a pleasure for the coffee maker’s guests in the backyard. Photo: Eva Høydalsvik

He is an entrepreneur and co-owner of the coffee industry and believes that the old fire station will draw 600 to 700 visitors daily.

– The fire museum can draw many benefits from us, rooms are not their only needs. They also need to be known. And then the museum will benefit greatly from the people we draw every single day, says Paulsrud to Fagbladet.

We have been visiting, and let’s excite. Although this journalist has lived in the area for over 10 years, I have never been to the Oslo Fire Museum. Not until there was a coffee shop there.

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Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

STAND IN: The old skateboard is probably the first in the north, and the coffee industry has kept it in its coffee, along with an old water pump. Photo: Coffee Brunch

Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

EXCLUSION: The coffee industry’s new bar in Greenland has outdoor seating both front and back. From the front you can watch life. Photo: Coffee Brunch

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