Bosch PST 1000 PEL

The test wins, but also the most expensive story.

Bosch PST 1000 PEL

In short:

Bosch PST 1000 PEL

BRIDGE: Good switches with correct symbols. Photo: Øivind Lie

Bosch PST 1000 PEL

CARE HELP: A cushioning tool that is good at right cuts, but which must be picked off when cutting curves is included. Photo: Øivind Lie

We like this:

Good buttons and easy browsing. Good vision aids. A lot of options.

Superb capacity on straight cut in thick table. Good results on cutting of veneer, chip, laminate and steel.

We do not like this:

When you first use aids, they are good at proper cuts, but on curves you must have a view of the magazine. Then you need to disassemble the visual aid.


Power: 650 W

Speed ​​Variable Stroke: 500 – 3.100 / min

Toolless Leaf Mount: Yes

Angled cut: 0-45 °

Blowhole: Yes

Spongesug: Yes

Cut depth – wood: 100 mm

Cut depth – steel: 10 mm

Cases: Yes

Weight 2.3 kg


Producer Bosch Price 1198


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