Bosch PCM 8s

Lots of extras and good facilities, but in excess of heavy.

Bosch PCM 8s

In short:

+ Good facilities

Heavy to transport.

“Here’s a good overview of large and easy-operated buttons / switches. We pull something too bad lock at preset angles. Good height at rear of the system, extra hoists for extension of sideways system with stop and spacer. The handle is fine, but badly placed and the case is very heavy. The machine has laser and light, but the laser is somewhat inaccurate and poorly positioned. Pull out battery-powered laser. Otherwise, the case seems to be solidly built and it gives relatively nice and precise incision. Good power in the engine. / p>

Power: 1200 W

Capacity: 70×282 mm

Lead diameter: 210 mm

Weight: 18.6kg

The manufacturer’s information about the saga can be found here.


Producer Bosch Price 2600


The case is relatively easy to use, but pre-selected angles must be locked / tightened manually to be precise. The case is too heavy.

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