Bosch GSR 10,8-Li


Bosch GSR 10,8-Li

In short:

Bosch GSR 10,8-Li

Testing cheap and expensive drills

Battery: Dual 10.8v lithium ion, 1300mAh

Weight in grams: 830

Low / High Exchange: No

Storage: Soft Pouch

Description: Compact drill with fixed bit holder and led light.


Producer Price 1600


Bosch GSR weighs at least, but performs well, even though it lacks high / low exchange. However, the rpm is high enough to drill in most materials. The rubberized handle is handy and the machine is very hard balanced.

Easy to switch from forward to backward. Not the quietest model, but on the right side of the sound limit. Good and robust model, though not as well-equipped as Makita, despite the fact that the price level is similar.

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