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Bonytt Bad: Digital magazine for iPad

As the first Norwegian magazine for iPad, Bonytt gives you great ideas for designing and decorating bathrooms.

Bonytt Bad: Digital magazine for iPad

Bonytt Bad: Digital magazine for iPad

10 simple tips for a better bath

Bonytt Bad: Digital magazine for iPad

Tips selling the home

Bonytt Bad: Digital magazine for iPad

Treble on bath – pros and cons

Bonytt Bad: Digital magazine for iPad

Tiles on bath – pros and cons

Bonytt became the first Norwegian magazine on the iPad. Now, interior enthusiasts can download the magazine’s special number about bathing.

– We are very proud that we have managed to develop an e-magazine on record, says a satisfied editor in Bonytt, Anne Kolberg, to click. no.

Here you can download Bonytt Bad to iPad! (App Store) PS: Now, the Male magazine is now available in a special iPad edition.

Even after being available for a few days, it’s the most downloaded app for iPad in Norway, and feedback from users is overflowing .

– Be cold and steamy out today and the bathroom will be cleaned up. Received tips on this app and is saved, write one of those who have downloaded the digital magazine.


The Bonytt Bad application is specially designed for iPad, so you will not find anything similar in the paper edition of Bonytt.

– Some of the things that are distinctive to the app are interactivity. Among other things, by pressing a button, one could hear the interior designer’s description of his ideas for the bathroom solution, says editorial manager at Bonytt, Åsne Hjukse, to click. no.

360 degrees

One of the special solutions that has been added is the ability to rotate elements in the 360 ​​degrees image. For example, you can turn a shower head around and see it from all sides.

Bonytt Bad: Digital magazine for iPad

BONUS ON IPAD: How to get your own pond on iPad. Photo: Bonytt

Bonytt Bad – Demo video from Fredrik Antonsen on Vimeo.

Image Inspiration

According to Hjukse, Bonytt Bad shows first and foremost a multitude of bath and bathroom styles, inspirational pockets and a thorough guide that tells you what materials you should choose.

– You will find far more pictures available on the app than you would have found in the magazine, and we hope that the big and clear images will be inspired.


The price of the new application will be $ 39 in the Apple App Store, and even those who have not been in the audience have paid to download the application..

– I’m not in the target audience, but bought Bonytt Bad of pure curiosity. The magazine is visually appealing and it’s a pleasure to browse through, one of the feedback in the forum on iTunes.

Center readers

According to Sigmund Clementz, who has been project manager for the development of the e-magazine, it has been important to focus on readers.

– There was never a goal to have technological solutions just for the technology, but they had to have an opinion for the users, such as the snoring machine that allows the reader to see the shower head from all sides. Considering design from multiple angles provides an additional value for the reader.

Another moment that was important during the development was to be clear on who is sending.

– Throughout the typography, the reader should know that it is a Bonytt product they hold.

Wishing feedback

The launch of Bonytt’s e-magazine is done before the iPad is available in the Norwegian market, but according to Anne Kolberg, over 30,000 Norwegians have already acquired a reading book.

– We want to be at the forefront, and we would like the users to use the app to give us feedback on the user experience and things they miss.

– We want to get in touch with the users, and therefore we’re on Facebook and Twitter to get back games. They take with us in the further work on developing tray magazines further, Clementz expands.

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