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Blogs coolest interior tips

What colors, things and shapes do the dream blogs dream about now? Below you will find all the answers.

Blogs coolest interior tips

Does anyone really have a finger on the pulse when it comes to interior trends and how to have it at home right now, so are the interior blogs.

These interior-styled ladies love everything that comes with home, home and interior, and willingly divide everyday smiles and new purchases to the house on their blogs.

So what do they want for new home investment this fall? What colors, things and shapes do the interior blogs dream about? Yes, you’ll get to know here.

List of Interior Blogs

1. Signe

This dreams Signe with the blog this fall:

1. Lamp E27 from Muuto

2. Bamboo soyalys from Joik

3. Wine and water carafe from Broste

4. Box Desktop Female Storage Boxes from Hay

5. The chair Nerd of Muuto

2. Lovepeacepionies.

Kristina with the blog Lovepeacepionies has the following things in his autumn wish list:

1. Plaid from Hay

2. Storsele armchair from Ikea

3. Gold vase from Bloomingville

4. Lappljung Box pillow from Ikea

5. White candlestick from Bloomingville

Blogs coolest interior tips

YES, THANK YOU: Be inspired by the blogger’s wish lists. Photo: Blogger / Manufacturers

3. Fabel

Maia with the Fabulous blog has looked the following things she’s dreaming about right now:

1. Ylva sharp pillows, with wonderful calligraphy.

2. Hay’s About a Chair in Gray Fabric.

3. Delicious and delicious porcelain from Vipp

4. Ikea Hektar lamp

5. Le Creuset’s sweet little heart-shaped saucepan in pink.

4. Kasparasregnbue.

Inger Lill is the lady behind the Kasparas Regnbue blog. She is dreaming about this fall:

1. Pads from Hay in Nude and Orange with Buttons

2. Gray-colored Ikea bedding

3. Le Creuset casserole in orange color

4. The chair “About a chair” from Hay

5. Lamb, sheep, and sheepskin to lay on chairs and in the battlefield

5. Crown Essene.

Blogs coolest interior tips

ROSA IS IN THE WIND: Blogs dream about cool chairs, fun jerks and details with graphic expressions. Photo: Blogger / Manufacturers

May Helen with the blog The Crown Princesses dream about these new investments right now:

Blogs coolest interior tips

How to get the neighborhood’s hippest kitchen

1. Concretewall concrete

2. Print from Ylva Sharp Print

3. Wire Basket from Ferm Living

4. Lamp from Hay

5. Vase and candlestick from Bloomingville

6. Hokusfiliokus.

Hege with the blog Hokusfiliokus is also free of wishes this fall. This she is dreaming about right now:

1. The lamp Etch by Tom Dixon

2. The chair Hee Lounge Chair from HAY

3. The Goldfoot Plush from Funkle

4. Samsurium Honkadonka vase of Finnsdottir (black)

5. Cloud Cushion Cushion from Ferm Living

6. Remix Gray wallpaper from Ferm Living

7. Norwegian Interior Blogger.

This is a dream of Solveig from Nib about this fall:

Blogs coolest interior tips

GOLD AND GOLD: Check what trends you should bet on this fall. Photo: Blogger / Manufacturers

1. Fruit print from Darling Clementine

2. Mountain cabinets from Ikea

3. Shelf in Pink from String

4. Fjøl from Fjellby

5. Pirum Parum poster from Fine little day

6. Shower curtain from H&M Home


This dreams Edina with the blog Nordic Leaves in these dark autumn days:

1. Square blanket from Ferm Living

2. Dot pillow in burgundy color from Hay

3. Tablo table from Normann Copenhagen

4. Eames DSW chair in limited edition from Vitra

5. Etch candlestick in gold and cups of Tom Dixon

9. Cherry-blossom-world. blogspot. no

Veronika is the lady behind the blog Cherry Blossom Blog. She also has fun things on the autumn’s interior wish list:

1. Sempé W103c Desk Lamp by Inga Sempé

Blogs coolest interior tips

SEASON’S TRENDS: This dreams the interior blogs about. Photo: Blogger / Manufacturers

2. Patches wool plaid by Georg Jensen

Blogs coolest interior tips

Jippi, you cheat on these walls

3. Harlequin pattern wallpaper from Ferm Living, in pink color

4. Candlestick “Rabbit in Wonderland by Stephen Johnson

5. Penneholder in copper from Ferm Living

10. Sukkertoyforoyet.

Ida Sussanne with the blog Candy for the eye dreams of these goodies this fall:

1. Bed linen set with bamboo on from City North

2. Plissé storage folder from Hay

3. Jielde lamp in orange color

4. Mugtail tail

11. Sven Gaarden.

Amalie with the blog Svenngården also has things she’s both dreaming about and saving to the wish list:

1. Dining table from House Doctor

2. Navy Swivel Chair from Emeco

Blogs coolest interior tips

KEY TONES AND BUTTONS: Animals in the interior are still hot. The same are graphic pressures and patterns. Photo: Blogger / Manufacturers

3. Large jars from NORR11

Blogs coolest interior tips

Some colors are hippers than others

4. Zebra to wear on the floor

5. Hay Copper Bag

12. high pressure.

Trine is the lady behind the blog High Pressure. Also she has a dream wishlist this fall:

1. Wool blanket from Fine Little Day

2. Large Omaggio vase with black stripes from Kähler

3. Kitchen towel in organic cotton with a graphic pattern of a feather, from Etsy

4. Lighting from UrbanAnalog on Etsy

5. Fine Little Day “Gran” Pillow

13. Thirty

Cathrine writes the blog Thirty (31) and dreams of these purchases this fall:

1. Firewood pillow from Hviit

2. Candlestick in wood from Day Home

3. Clipboard from

Blogs coolest interior tips

BUY BUY TO THE HOUSE: Check out the trendiest buyer for their homes right now. Photo: Blogger / Manufacturers

4. Scented light from Voluspa

Blogs coolest interior tips

Forget about everything you have learned about furnishing your house

5. Print from Ylva Skarp

14. Degodeting.

Hanne Mette, however, who writes the blog Huseby Living, has the following items in the Wishlist:

1. Counties with gold from Bloomingville

2. Knitted blanket from H&M Home

3. Cushion with gold curtains from H&M Home

4. Gullkopper from Pols Potten

15. Anmagritt. no

An-Magritt writes the nice blog with the same name. Here are the things she’s in love with right now.

1. Storage boxes from Hay

2. Chair from Ikea’s PS 2012 collection

3. Guløvteppet Stockholm Randig from Ikea

4. Old wooden dish

Blogs coolest interior tips

GO FOR GOLD: This will be the blogger’s home in the fall. Photo: Blogger / Manufacturers

5. Green plants for the window frame

Got fun with retrotextiles

At home with this blogger, we want everything

Therefore, Norwegian ladies blog about interior design

Blogs coolest interior tips

BLACK / WHITE: Yes thanks to contrasts, pastel colors and details in brown and gold. Photo: Blogger / Manufacturers


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