Blind counties rage in gardens

The Countess has an undeserved bad reputation, but it seems that it is raiding garbage boxes.

Blind counties rage in gardens

Blind counties rage in gardens

NO EXAMINATION OVERVIEW: We have no figures on how many spells it is in the country, but based on observations, a distribution map has been made. Photo: Illustration:

You can do this:

* Secure garbage boxes

* Remove drop fruit

* Hang up things that make sounds and move

* Put out salami bag

The Count belongs to the mother-in-law and is a ten kilo heavy carnivores with a bad temper. It bites until the leg breaks, eats cats and is aggressive, says the myths.

In reality, it’s a simple thief.

Deaf and blind

The Count is not afraid of humans, and is almost deaf and blind.

Although the diet naturally consists of soil and other small insects, it follows its excellent sense of smell to all potential food sources.

– There are very many spells this year. I do not have figures on how many people have called and want to put out a fraud, “says Erik Burud at the villager in Bærum municipality..

Only this season he has captured and killed 17 giggles who have been mad for residents.

No number

People who live in mild regions of the country, especially in urban areas, experience these days to visit the rubbish thieves, who like to leave a chaos around the garbage boxes, after nightly meals.

Because the counties are not folkesky and night-time, it thrives in urban areas where access to food is great.

– There is no indication of how many spells there are in Norway, says Kjetil Bevanger at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA).

The reason for this is, according to Bevanger, that the Countess is neither a resource nor a source of conflict of size.

– But we know that the population is growing in some places and has developed favorably over the last twenty to thirty years.

Blind counties rage in gardens

DIFFERENT TO SEE: Grevlinger often crosses roads when it’s out at night hunting. Because it looks and sounds bad and is gray in the fur, it becomes an easy victim of the car park. Photo:


Badger myths

* The Count is biting it

* The Count is eating cats

* Countess attacks children

* The Count is aggressive

Source: Viltnemda, Oslo municipality

Blind counties rage in gardens

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Blind counties rage in gardens

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Blind counties rage in gardens

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For the counties, our garbage dumps are in fact liner machines.

It uses most of these in autumn when it needs to get on before winter. And in spring, when it is starved after long winter without special access to food.

Nightly ferry visits are usually discovered when rubbish is strewn beyond a large area the following morning.

A resource in the garden

Because the frog’s natural diet mainly of soil and snails, it can be a welcome addition to gardeners who are bothered by snails – if you lock or close the litter dumps well.

Counties also eat straw, paddles and beetles.

– But they can work hard on the lawns of people, in addition to the lakes, says Burud.

He adds that the raging of the lawn is mostly periodic, so worried gardeners can comfort themselves that this is temporary irritation.

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Tricks and Tips

The Oslo Open-air Authority has made a download brochure, where you can read about the Countess and get tips on what to do if it causes problems.

“If you’re mad in your vicinity, try to get rid of it by using salmiakk. The animal does not like strong smells. A good tip is to put out some boxes of salmiakk where the counties are going, “writes Open Air.

– Salmiakk can work, but then experience of new salmiakk needs to be done every day.

– It’s probably easier to safeguard the seabasses with a ribbon or luggage straps, tips Erik Burud, who has worked for 14 years.

The alternative is to invest in a garbage box with a swinging door and locking mechanism, or plastic tops.

“You can also scare it off with sounds. Hang up aluminum foil strips or set up small plastic windmills (such as the children use at 17. May) and the Countess will find a new place to be, “writes nrk. no.

In addition, it may be worthwhile to remove fallfruit, as fruit and berries are also on the menu.

Feeding or killing

Some blows a long march in the counties reputation as bloodthirsty and aggressive predators and feeds it to bury the rubbish thefts, such as the Høvik family in Bærum.

If you do not get the answers to the problems yourself, you can order malicious cases from villnemda in your municipality.

Prices vary slightly, but are between 1200-1400 kroner for release and removal.

According to the Oslo municipality’s brochure, deforestation is a short-term solution as empty grevlinghi quickly gets new residents.

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Do not eat cat

Although the Countess has an extremely bad reputation, it is in principle harmless to humans and domestic animals. It looks and sounds bad and is not afraid of people, which may have contributed to myth.

That it’s going to hunt for cats, Erik Burud believes that nothing is happening at Wildemouth.

– It’s too slow and does not have the opportunity to catch a healthy cat running away. Reef can take a cat, but it’s probably either rare, he says.

You can read more about the county at the Norwegian Institute of Nature Management – Nidraros, Environmental Education – an urban rat mammal (lower section), Milølære – get to know the county and Wikipedia.

Sources: NINA, Oslo Municipality, Bærum Municipality, Wikipedia, Environmental Info, Nittedals Portal, Great Norwegian Dictionary, Zoology. no, no. no

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