Black & Decker KS900SK-QS

Here it’s geared to ease of use, but it does not work right after the intentions.

Black & Decker KS900SK-QS

In short:

Black & Decker KS900SK-QS

SYMBOLS: History has a switch with simple symbols that will provide the correct speed / pendulum layout. Not quite successful in our opinion. Photo: Øivind Lie

Black & Decker KS900SK-QS

CAUTION: The thick plastic bowl gives a bad view to the blade. Photo: Øivind Lie

Black & Decker KS900SK-QS

ADJUST THE BASE: The best system for adjusting the base. Photo: Øivind Lie

We like this:

Basic setting of base. The idea of ​​simple and explanatory setting of tilt and speed function.

Saga worked well on veneer, sponge and laminate. It also made straight cuts when we curve in thick materials.

We do not like this:

Vibrates a lot. Poor sight of the blade and little visual aids. The tilt and speed function of a switch does not work after the intention.

Poor capacity on straight cuts in thick table and in steel. Poor result when we cut plastic.


Power: 620 W

Speed ​​Variable Battle: 800-3200 / min

Toolless Leaf Mount: Yes

Angled cut: 0-45 °

Blowhole: Yes

Spongesug: Yes

Cut depth – wood: 85 mm

Cut depth – steel: 5 mm

Cut depth – aluminum: 15 mm

Cases: Yes


Producer Black & Decker Price 769


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