Black & Decker HP146F3K


Black & Decker HP146F3K

In short:

Black & Decker HP146F3K

Testing cheap and expensive drills

Battery: 14.4 v nickel cadmium, 1700 mAh

Weight in grams: 2200

Low / High Exchange: Yes

Storage: Hard suitcase

Description: Heavy and large model with quick chuck.


Producer Price 1300


A very straightforward, but big and heavy (also charger) machine that bumps a lot. Nickel-cadmium battery seems unmodified, but There is a variant with double nickel-metal hydride batteries. Nevertheless, performance is excellent.

It may be a little uncomfortable to get the forward / backward adjustment with your thumb, but in return it is Easy to free up the battery. The price is not overly high if you are looking for the pants variant of a drill. However, if you want something easier and more modern, there are many options.

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