Black & Decker GL652

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Black & Decker GL652

In short:

Black & Decker GL652

Black & Decker GL652 Photo: Manufacturers

Watt: 450 W

Weight: 2.7 kg

Overall Length: 120 cm

Cutting width: 25 cm

Contact Information – Black & Decker GL652:, tel 45251300

The Black & Decker GL652 seems very robust in the performance. However, it does not have so many options, except the shaft length and the ability to turn 180 degrees. It is therefore possible to angle the shaft for low work positions and change the flexion.

The wire head is compact and the cutting width is 25 cm. The spacer holder is steady but does not cover the entire thread.

The puller loads a thick cable, which is a plus.


Producer Price 530


It’s not only lacking in flexible ergonomics, the biggest problem is that it vibrates more, which does the job uncomfortable and strenuous.

In this price range there are definitely more interesting options.

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