Black & Decker CP14LN

Fixed battery.

Black & Decker CP14LN

In short:

Black & Decker CP14LN

Testing cheap and expensive drills

Battery: 14.4 v lithium ion, 1100 mAh (fixed)

Weight in grams: 1240

Low / High Exchange: Yes

Storage: Soft Pouch

Description: Medium model with solid battery, quick chuck and battery status indicator.


Producer Price 1200


A slightly flashy look in red and silver, but the skin is deceiving. This is a strong machine with fine ergonomics. You Do not worry about loosening the battery when charging, just insert the entire drill into the charger. But reaches the battery is over, the machine is also over.

Thanks to the high / low exchange, it’s easy to drill in wood and the machine is completely closed when it comes to quickness. However, the price could be lower given the limited life span.

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