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Most equipment. Laser works poorly.


In short:

+ Most Equipment

Laser worked badly


Steer away from these jigsaws

The case from Biltema had the most equipment / settings, and made the most of the test.

It did a great job on larger dimensions. Good grip and seemed most solid. Only thing with base sole. Both wood and metal leaves followed.

The rocker switch would not stay in the correct setting, and the result would be slightly poor. Laser may seem like a good idea, but worked poorly when the cut was several millimeters on the side of the line. The facility worked badly here too.

Clear on perpendicular section. Difficult on leaf replacement.

In 48mm plank: The case worked best.

In solid bench: Difficult to saage right with plant.

In the edible countertop: Made a somewhat better cut.

In laminated chip: Clears badly due to the rocker function button.

In plywood: Ready.

Effect: 710

Rev. pr. min: 500-3000

Thickness depth in three: 80

Metal Thickness: 10

Line length: 1.8


Producer Price 269


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