The weakest engine of the test.


No settings and accessories


Steer away from these jigsaws

The case “Best” managed plywood and laminated spoon fine.

It had the easiest blade change, but no settings or accessories. Protective cover gave very poor sight line. Test’s weakest engine of 350W.

Bad ergonomic design. Bad perpendicular cuts.

In 48mm plank: The case has major problems due to lack of tilting function.

In solid bench: We tested with facilities, something this case did not have.

In precious worktop: The case makes a perfect cut.

In laminated sponge: Here the case is surprisingly good.

In plywood: Also, it works well.

Effect: 350

Rev. pr. min: 3000

Thickness depth in three: 55

Metal Thickness: x

Cord length: 1.9 meters

Store: Runes Minivare House


Producer Price 177


Our character

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