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Become a landlord for 160,000

Abroad, you can get a holiday home for less than 100,000 kroner.

Become a landlord for 160,000

Tips for home buying abroad

Consumer Affairs Questions and Answers

Cabinets advice for foreign buyers.

Consumer Council’s tips for a safe and secure home purchase abroad.

To search for Find.com

  • Click on Find. no:
  • Click Property.
  • Click on Home Abroad, Homes for Sale.
  • Go to advanced search.
  • If you know where in the world you want, enter it.
  • Insert maximum price.
  • Click “Search”.
  • The result is coming up. To the left you will see beautiful shortcuts, eg. what is applicable to you in Greece and Spain, and price categories.

How to apply to clicks. classifieds.com

  • Click on clicks. classifieds. no:
  • Click International Buy.
  • A number of relevant countries are coming up, you can click on these to see offers, or click on price bids in the top right corner.
  • Sorting on price suggestion, you can then select a country with offers within the selected price.

– My best advice to those who want to buy housing abroad is to get help from an expert. It may cost a few thousand flaps extra but will be well-spent money, says Legal Advisor in Consumer Europe, Kirsti Pamphlett.

She says that the rules vary from country to country, even within the EU system.

In some countries, housing purchases do not include consumer rights.

This means that, for example, contract setup is not subject to the same strict regulations as in Norway. In such circumstances, it is therefore more important to consult an expert.

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Good contract essential

– It is absolutely crucial that you understand the contract and that it contains the points that are important to the legal aspects of the purchase. If you go in a trap, it can easily be expensive, emphasizes Pamphlett.

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Pamphlett emphasizes that in the case of new purchases it is important to have clarified what happens to any money paid if the developer should go bankrupt.

– Ask questions about how secure your money is in such a case.

According to the Immigrants website, the classic mistake is that people pay too much in advance without securing any kind of guarantee.

This means that if the developer goes bankrupt, the money is lost.

– Be sure to get a bank guarantee that will secure your money if you pay an advance, says Alf Grønneflåta til Click. no.

He is the head of the Foreign Exchange Forum and works daily in Eiendomsnøkkelen AS.

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Do not buy impulse

According to Greenland, there are no countries to be avoided. The key is to have contact with one who can the local rules and laws.

In general, he believes that one should nevertheless be more careful than when buying a holiday home in Norway.

– And do not buy impulse when on holiday abroad and be charmed by a local salesman.

According to Your Money, a good starting point for a purchase may be to rent a holiday home in the area so that you get to know it.

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Tips from friends

Alf Grønneflåta says that friends and acquaintances are an important sales channel.

– Purchases usually take place after recommendations from acquaintances who already have a home in a current area.

He also advises home-seekers to start purchasing in Norway because it gives extra security to have a Norwegian broker to relate to.

See what we found for sale in the examples below.

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Below 100,000

Become a landlord for 160,000

THAILAND: In this residential complex, completed in the summer, you can buy a 3 bedroom apartment for just over 900,000 NOK. Photo: Finn.com

Naturally, there is not much in this price category. We got 32 hits on Finn. No in this price range, but much is fictional prices of 1 dollar, for example.

Most times are timeshare shares in southern regions.

But one and another apartment in Sweden is possible to raise for this price, such as this holiday apartment in Jämtland to NOK 90,000.

Between 100,000 and 200,000

Become a landlord for 160,000

Photo: Find.com

In this price range we found 46 units for sale at Finn. no. lies the bulk of torp and “cabins” in Sweden.

For just over $ 160,000 you can become a owner of a village in West Götaland in the Bullar with almost two goals plot. Rather, it is a refurbishment, but the distance to the Norwegian border is only two kilometers.

For almost the same price you will find a red village 10 miles from Halden.

Between 200,000 and 300,000

Here you also begin to show up a little further away. Brazil for example.

Among the 51 holiday homes in Finn. For this price we found, among other things, the Brazil Invest Group, which sells an apartment in Fortaleza, a little north of Natal.

Become a landlord for 160,000

RESIDENCE IN OUTDOOR: Torp in Bullaren in Western Götaland. Price 160 000 NOK. Photo: Finn.com

The apartment is 55 sqm and is located in 20. floor, and is located in a so-called apartment hotel.

Between 300,000 and 500,000

Become a landlord for 160,000

Photo: Find.com

In this price range, the touch of exotic vacation apartments begins to become significant.

We found 181 vacation homes / apartments for rent in this price range on Finn. no.

For example, you can get a 2 bedroom condo in Split in Croatia for $ 345,000.

You can also be the owner of an entire mission house in Sweden.

325,000 NOK costs Hedetångens Missionshus at Karlstad. Then you simply get a well-used godhouse, as the prospectus allows the buyer to change freely for the purpose one wishes.

Between 500,000 and 700,000

Lysekil or South Africa? If you put around six hundred thousand flaps on the table you either have the option at the bottom of the Swedish border or the downside of the globe.

Of course, this price range increases the possibilities. We found 256 units for sale at this price on Finn. no.

For example, you get a newly renovated apartment in Port St. For 625,000 NOK. Francis, a short flight east of Cape Town.

The apartment contains a bedroom, bathroom and open kitchen living room. Private beach right by and golf course five minutes drive away.

Between 700 000 and 1 000 000

Become a landlord for 160,000

Photo: Find.com

Opportunities increase, even in Dubai.

We found 425 holiday homes in Finn. No in this price range.

Among other things, an apartment in Dubai.

But you must accept living tight. This is a studio apartment.

You will have access to a swimming pool, sauna with steam bath, gym and barbecue area.

Become a landlord for 160,000

Photo: Find.com

Exterior is made a Japanese garden, and a large artificial lake is under construction right outside the project.

Become a landlord for 160,000

Photo: Find.com


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