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Beautiful extras can increase house prices

The next steps of the brokers to increase housing prices.

Beautiful extras can increase house prices

Beautiful extras can increase house prices

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Beautiful extras can increase house prices

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Beautiful extras can increase house prices

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Beautiful extras can increase house prices

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Freshly baked buns, fresh cut flowers and lighted scented candles belong to the classics on views, but now new methods can be introduced into the housing market – initially in the brotherhood.

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Next trick can be to invite beautiful men and women into the house to speed up housing sales.

Increases the value

Niklas Berntzon in the agency Eklund Stockholm New York has let a arborist crop the trees in a house for sale in Lidingø.

According to Aftonbladet, he told the Metro newspaper that the investment could have increased the value of several million because the house now has more sea contacts than they had previously.

The next step to increase the value would be to hire beautiful people, he says.

“Beautiful people, educated people – yes, people who fit into the environment of the house”.

The statement prompted reactions: “Absolutely amazing what tricks are taken to trick people. “wrote a reader named Kuai.

And “Bearealist” writes, among other things: “. they fall on their own if they think Swedish buyers are so light-headed “.

New Level

– I have nothing against beautiful ladies, but this must be a blind spot, “says Finn Tveter in the Norwegian Real Estate Association (NEF).

Bollebaking may be alright, he believes, but he does not believe in extras.

– Often it is enough to pull out all the “shit”, wash the home, clear away the dupets and do not let it be overmolded. The focus for brokers in Norway should be to highlight the qualities of the housing and to show what solutions are possible to achieve, says Tveter.

May be allowed

There are tricks to increase the value of the property is nothing new.

Increase heat, switch to bright bulbs, remove family photo, sound some of the brokerage councils.

But extras may be something new. But when design chairs help the sale, may a beautiful lady work?

– It’s not the way we sell homes in Norway. Furniture is located to showcase the possibilities of the house, “says Cristian Dreyer, CEO of Eie.

– Is it ethical on the border?

– If people want to pay to invite beautiful people to view, they must be allowed for it for my part.

Funny proposal

Trend analyst Gunn-Helen Øye thinks the proposal is fun.

– Enter extras that you can not talk to to showcase the home as well as possible? That’s amazing. It is about looking into the apartment. But I do not think the grip will be put into use in Norway with the first, “she says.

Different perceptions

The housing market is clearly quite different between the Nordic countries. In Sweden and Norway, for example, it is usually best to buy first and sell afterwards. In Finland, Denmark and Iceland, it is rare, according to the survey, Nordic Housing Insight.

And housing price expectations for price developments in the future are also different in the respective countries.

The Norwegian real estate agents believe in a slight increase in residential property prices, while Swedish real estate agents believe the most in unchanged or slightly lower detached prices.

Maybe that’s why they need to find new tricks?

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