Bahco with interchangeable leaves

Awesome grip and you can change leaves as needed.

Bahco with interchangeable leaves

In short:

+ Suverent grip

+ Smart blade change

+ Good Balance

Bahco with interchangeable leaves

Photo: Øivind Lie

Bahco with interchangeable leaves

Photo: Øivind Lie

This is a system where you can buy handles and change magazines as needed. This makes it easier to choose magazines dedicated to the job and to avoid the compromises. The blade change is tool-free and the handle comes in different sizes. It is also made a left-handed.

The ergonomics of the grip are completely superior. The handle also has good weight which gives a good balance. All we notice is that the handle is not angled with the blade.

We’ve tested the case with two different magazines:

Superior with 9 teeth per inch . This leaf suits perfectly for fine-tearing. A rigid and fine leaf with good tanning that gave nice and precise cut. A little bit effective for the roughest jobs. Then you have to go down the blade with 7 teeth per inch.

PrizeCut + 7 teeth per inch . A rigid and good universal blade that also climbs the job when we chop.


Handle: 200 kroner

Superior Sheet: $ 229

Prizecut magazine: 99 kroner


Producer Bahco Price 429


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