Bad you can steal ideas from

Should you brush a bath, you should see what the professionals have done.

Bad you can steal ideas from

Bad you can steal ideas from

FURU AND FLIS: The tiles are specially produced for the hotel, and the stone is called Belgian Blue. The walls are rubbed with rubble. Photo: Simon Brown

To polish the bathroom, hotel bath can be a nice place to look for inspiration. Here we show bathrooms from five hotels, all of which have strived to create the good feeling. If you take the tips of your renovation project, you can become a guest at your own luxury bath.

Bathroom with pine brush

Pine chest panel was a typical feature of Norwegian baths in the 70’s. Now the furua pops up in London – more specifically at Hotel Soho, centrally located in one of the hippest quarters of the city.

The point is not to bring the guests back to the pinewood of the past.

– This bathroom is elegant and it should feel relaxing to be here. Furupanelet is an organic element that makes you feel close to nature, even if you live in the middle of the city, says British interior designer Kit Kemp to bonytt. no.

– What are your tips for people who are going to acquire new bathrooms?

– The bathroom is used 24 hours a day, so good and the right light is very important. Think lighting solutions that work in different situations. It’s also wonderful to have shelves to lighten, put a drink on and to play music that puts you in the right mood. Include such facilities.

Bathroom with marble

This bathroom is from one of the rooms in Hotel Nobis in Stockholm, one of the newest and most beautiful additions on the Swedish hotel front. The color scale is dimmed; most of the flats are carrara marble tiles, that is the same material we know from the opera in Bjørvika.

– We have tried to choose quality products and natural materials that can withstand the hard wear of a hotel while providing a timeless expression, says Deta K. Gemzell, architect at Claesson Koivisto Rune Architectural Office for Bonytt. no.

Bad you can steal ideas from

REN ENVIRONMENT: The bathroom at Nobis hotel is dressed in Carrara marble on floors and walls. The Servant Water Jewels, designed by Matteo Thun for Vitra, the mixer Axor Citterio from Hans Grohe. Toilet and bathtub in series D code from Duravit. Photo: Louise Billgert

The bathroom demonstrates that one can achieve an exclusive touch on a small bathroom, even with simple means.

– This bathroom should be warm, beautiful and give a sense of calm. Therefore, we have used a dampened color scale, natural stone, adjustable light and underfloor heating, “says the architect.

– What can the guests bring inspiration from the bathroom?

– Decorated with mirrors. Large mirror surfaces make the room feel bigger. Also use adjustable lighting: When you make a makeup, you may want a different light than when you are bathing.

Bathtub to mountain

Bad you can steal ideas from

SOFISTIC MINIMALISM: The bathroom at Nobis Hotel is simple but sophisticatedly built. Photo: Louise Billgert

Quality Spa & Resort at Norefjell was voted Norway’s best interior in 2011. The entire project was designed and furnished by Interior Design Office Interior Design.

– We want the bath to be perceived as a warm cave, which provides associations to mountains with rough nature, says Vigdis A. Bergh.

In order to achieve this effect, organic colors and harsh materials are used. The sink is a hollow gray stone, the bath is black and on the floor is a gray brick.

– What is your tip for people who will get a new bath?

– Find out what you’re comfortable with, do not make a bathroom you just think is cool. The bathroom must also be functional.

Bath with strong colors and frosted glass

Further down in the county of Buskerud, more specifically in Drammen, is the Comfort Hotel Union Brygge.

Bad you can steal ideas from

TAKE THE NATURE: The bath at Quality Spa & Resort on Norefjell is mostly built of natural stone- Photo: Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell

The bathroom is characterized by a worktop in strong colors and a large contrast between light and dark tiles otherwise. In addition, a large mirror and glass area between the bathroom and bedroom has been used.

Bad you can steal ideas from

Tiles, vinyl or wet room paint?

– The mirror wall is really a glass window that is coated with mirror film in the middle. The top field in clear glass brings the daylight from the window into adjoining rooms into the bathroom while the lower part is frosted to prevent access, explains interior designer Nina Haegi Interior Design Company Haegholm.

– What is your tip for people who will get a new bath?

– In a hotel it is important that the bathroom can be cleaned quickly and efficiently and that the expression can be renewed with simple means to create an updated expression. This may be a good idea when making a private bathroom as well.

Bath in the ceiling

In Brosundet hotels in Ålesund, the bathroom is almost integrated into the bedroom.

– The bathroom will stand like a shining jewel in the room, declares architect Mads Emil Garde opposite bonytt. no.

Bad you can steal ideas from

COLORS AND FOIL: The color-rich top plate provides energy and character to the bathroom. The plate is from Formica, the servant from Duravit and the tiles from Marazzi. Photo: Espen Grønli

The building’s rough lumberworks stand here in maximum contrast to the smooth, clinical flats in the bathroom.

Bad you can steal ideas from

Refurbished bathroom with pure conscience

The bathrooms are not large, so the architect has tried to get the maximum out of a few square meters.

– What the bathrooms do not have in place has been compensated for in quality and clean lines in bright colors. The use of frosted glass allows the bathrooms to be quite small without feeling cramped.

– What is your tip for people who will get a new bath?

– Take good time on planning. The bathroom should be used by everyone in the household and is a room for many hours. Use an architect that you can have a good dialogue with what you want and what needs you have. Perhaps he or she comes up with good solutions that you had not come to yourself?

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Bad you can steal ideas from

BATH IN GLASS CASS: The bathroom is an integral part of the bedroom at Hotell Brosundet in Ålesund. Photo: Brosundet

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Bad you can steal ideas from

DIAMOND’S INDOOR: The tiles in the bathroom are from Casa dolce casa. Bath and washbasin from Durat. The square washbasin has the Snøhetta drawing, also manufactured by Durat. All luminaires from Vola. The toilets are from Villeroy & Boch. The glass walls are made of Grassdal Glass on target. Photo: Brosundet


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