Avoid discoloration and stain on the mattress pad

How to wash the mattress pad.

Avoid discoloration and stain on the mattress pad

Avoid discoloration and stain on the mattress pad

Do you have gray walls in your bedroom?

The top mattress is used mostly every night, and no more than one person is needed to make it dirty and full of stains.

But can you really clean the pillow mat, then?

Yes, you can. And it’s simply not difficult. Just make sure you do it right, so you do not end up having to spend unnecessary money on a new one.

Check the temperature

Laundry expert and leader in Lilleborg Consumer Service, Malin Skaar, informs you that it is important that you follow the washing recommendation from the manufacturer, but most pillow tops usually tolerate washing at 60 degrees.

– The mattress should be washed 1-2 times a year, says Skaar.

If you are allergic to bedtime, however, there may be a need for more frequent washing.

Project leader in marketing at Jensen beds, Kristine Sylling, agrees with Skaar, but adds that some mattresses can only be washed at 40 degrees. Therefore, be aware of the instructions.

– When washing, I recommend that you divide the lid in two and wash each part separately. The mattress itself should not be washed, says Sylling.

For infants, however, you should choose a mattress that can be washed at 90 degrees. It does not need to wash more often, but accidentally and when needed, Skaar emphasizes.

Avoid discoloration

Before putting the drawer in the washing machine, you should be aware of the size of the washing machine drum.

– The top mattress cover is made of high quality fiber, which drains large amounts of water. If the washing machine is too small, it may lead to overheating and shrinkage, “explains Sylling.

Avoid discoloration and stain on the mattress pad

These two do not mix

Avoid discoloration and stain on the mattress pad

– If you have a war of war, it becomes a much unnecessary dust

The traits are large and thick, so an appraisal of the size of the washing machine is most necessary.

If in doubt, Sylling advises you to send the drawer to the laundry.

And while it’s easy to take a shortcut when it comes to drying, you should definitely steer clear of it.

– Do not tumble dry the mattress cover, emphasizes Sylling.

She explains that the pull must be stretched in a damp condition, and it should be hung to dry immediately to avoid discoloration of the textile.

– When washing, the fabric will contract slightly, but after a few days it will return to normal size.

Stains can be spot washed

We naturally sweat a lot at night and the mattress can therefore become yellow-tipped by both body lotion and face cream. If you only want to remove single spots, it is also possible.

– Yes, small stains can be washed without having the mattress in the washing machine. Just remember not to use too much moisture, “says Skaar.

She informs that moisture will then pull down in the mattress, and spend so long drought that there will be “raw” odor.

– For example, you can make a mixture of liquid detergent and lukewarm water, and use a well twisted cloth to clean the stain.

Keep in mind that stains should be washed externally and inwards, and not pulled outwards.

– Blood should be washed with cold water, but by urine and vomiting you should wash the whole cover, recommends Skaar.

Equally important for maintenance

After a while, you may find that the mattress shapes after your body. However, this is quite normal, and exclusively positive, we shall believe Sylling.

Avoid discoloration and stain on the mattress pad

You hardly guess what best removes the spot

– It provides for increased pressure relief and blood circulation.

However, to increase the durability of the mattress pad, Sylling still has a few tips.

– We recommend that the top mattress is snuffed, reversed and shaken regularly. In addition, regular airing is deceived.

Scissors agree:
Also be sure to go over the mattress with vacuum cleaner when you change bed linen, it will keep the mattress clean longer.

But even if you are good at maintenance and cleaning, the mattress does not last forever.

– We recommend replacing pillow top mattress 7-10 years after purchase, says Sylling.

Do you have a bad time?

– It takes time to wash a pillow top, but to avoid suddenly washing the mattress, you can use a mattress cover, explains Sylling.

The protection should breathe and stretch so as not to spoil the comfort of the bed.

But Scissors have a few tricks that can be done at full speed.

– Remove the drawer and rinse the area that needs washing under running, lukewarm water. Then wash with some detergent on the area and rinse through again. Press out the moisture and allow it to dry so that air comes from both sides, she ends.

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