Autumn news in toolbox

New and better batteries, and pink drill. There are some of the news on the toolbar.

Autumn news in toolbox

Autumn news in toolbox

Compact Labeling: AEG US 400 XE. Photo: the manufacturer

Autumn news in toolbox

12V Screwdriver: Milwaukee C 12 DD. Photo: the manufacturer

Autumn news in toolbox

New Battery Machines: Metabo BS 18 LTX Impulse. Photo: the manufacturer

Autumn news in toolbox

Powerful drilling machine: Dewalt 18 XRP. Photo: the manufacturer

Autumn news in toolbox

18V drill: Black & Decker F4. Photo: the manufacturer

Autumn news in toolbox

Borhammer with more power: Bosch GBH 3-28 DFR. Photo: the manufacturer

Autumn news in toolbox

Pink drill: Hitachi DS10DFL pink. Photo: the manufacturer

Autumn news in toolbox

More powerful batteries: Panasonic Z batteries. Photo: Producer

Autumn news in toolbox

Compact Vacuum Cleaners: Festool Cleanex CTL. Photo: the manufacturer

Autumn news in toolbox

Hand Tools in Own Pro Series: Stanley FatMax XL. Photo: the manufacturer

Not unexpected are the batteries many of the news are about.

Manufacturers use lithium technology, and the batteries come in new improved editions.

Compact sabelsag

The US 400 XE case from AEG has a compact design, which, according to the manufacturer, makes it suitable for single use and use in tight places.

It has 3500 bpm and 13mm stroke length, blade change without tool and built-in LED light.

The power is 400 watts and weighs 1.8 kg.

Price approx. kr 1500.

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12V Screwdriver

The Milwaukee Crane C 12 DD has a torque of 19 Nm, 400-1500 revolutions per minute, battery indicator and a weight of 1.1 kg.

Price approx. kr 1920.

New batteries

The new Metabo batteries come with and without impact function.

The manufacturer states that these machines (BS 18 LTX Impuls) are 20-25 percent smaller and lighter.

Metabo provides a 3-year warranty on the batteries.

Price approx. NOK 4500.

Powerful drilling machine

Dewalt’s DCD925L2 drill machine is a 18V machine with stroke and power of 450 watts.

It has torque of 55 Nm and three speeds.

The machine comes with one year free service, two batteries and a 40 min. charger.

Price approx. kr 4400.

18V drill

Black & Decker has come with an 18V drill in its new new F4 series.

It has a 454W engine, 60 min charger, and you can choose between one or two lithium batteries.

Price kr ca. kr 1400 (one battery) and approx. NOK 1600 (two batteries).

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Borhammer with more power

Bosch launches a new drill hammer in the pro series.

According to Bosch, the machine has GBH 3-28 DFR 20 percent more power and 20 percent less vibration than previous models.

It has an effect of 800 watts, the beat energy is given to 0-3.5 joules, the table diameter is 4-28 mm and weight 3.6 kg.

Price approx. kr 3200.

Pink drill

Hitachi bats feminine with pink drill with narrow grip.

The drill DS10DFL Pink comes in its own toolbox with various accessories.

It weighs 1 kg including battery, has 22 Nm torque, two lithium batteries and built-in LED light.

Price approx. kr 2600.

More powerful batteries

With its new battery, Panasonic claims that they have received up to 25 percent higher performance than the old batteries, without increasing the target or weight.

The batteries are 14.4V with 3.3 ah versus earlier 3.0.

The Z battery is the name and the entire Panasonic 14.4V range will be available in the spring with the new battery type.

The battery is compatible with the previous battery type, allowing users to upgrade their existing machines.

Price approx. kr 1200.

Compact vacuum cleaners

The Festool vacuum cleaner comes in two variants; Cleanex CTL 26 and CTL 36.

The vacuum cleaner has a compact, high performance turbine, which according to the manufacturer makes them even more efficient and compact than previous versions.

They come with plug-in modules, which allow for the connection of two machines. The filter bag is self-cleaning, which, as it stands, provides constant high suction.

Price approx. NOK 6700 (CTL 26) and NOK 8500 (CTL 36).

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Hand Tools in Your Own Professional

The Stanley series is called FatMax XL, and contains the most commonly used tools.

The hammer has been magnetically held on the tip, dampened handle, and the weight is concentrated behind the head.

The case has three edges on each tooth, which according to the manufacturer gives friction both ways, and thus some 30 percent faster sagging, according to the manufacturer.

Hammer: Approx. kr 560 (16 oz) and 600 (20 oz).

Case: From $ 200-400.

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