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At worst, you will not get rid of the tenant

Tempted to earn some extra money renting a plot or flat? Here are the tips for a hassle-free rental.

At worst, you will not get rid of the tenant

Tips for rental of housing

Always check references to a potential tenant.

Remember deposit on blocked account at bank. You may require a maximum of six months rent.

Remember to make a written contract. Most adjustments a landlord may make requires that the tenant is notified in writing.

Basically, the rental is temporal. Then both parties can terminate the agreement, but the tenant has a strong termination order.

It is more predictable to rent out on a timely basis. The minimum rental period is three years, but one year if you rent out parts of the house you live in.

For special reasons, such as your child want to move into the home or sell it, you can rent for less than three years.

Make sure you have a draft clause in the contract. Then you can apply for help by the government authorities to terminate the rental if the rent is not available.

When the agreed rental period is out, the landlord must send rent a removal request within three months.

The tenant has an extensive right to sublease when he / she lives in the home.

If the tenant has a social security, be sure to check the expiry date.

It is wise to document the state of the apartment by moving in and moving text and images.

Request a receipt for which keys you have delivered to the tenant.

Sources: Homeowners’ National Federation and Housing Committee Committee

Although 8 out of 10 Norwegians live in a home they own, there are hundreds of thousands who rent. Students looking for a creep push up prices and a tenant should take care not to be fooled.

Anders Leisner is the head of a legal department in the Huseieren’s country federation and says that renting housing is not always easy.

– There is the most conflict about non-payment of the rent. It is without doubt what most of the arguments are about, “Leisner said. no.

He believes that all landlords must have a proper written contract with a draft clause.

– Such a clause allows you to seek help from the prosecutors to throw out a lessee who does not pay. Without such a clause, this will take a significantly longer time, “says Leisner.

If your renter does not pay the rent, you should immediately send a notice. There is a deadline of 14 days, for example, if you do not want to send a request for eviction.

– It is important to send a notice as soon as possible, you can send it the day after the rent was paid. Keep in mind that such a process of eviction will take a couple of three months and you do not want to lose more money than necessary.

Deposit is important security

Deposit is also very important to remember. It usually consists of three months’ rent and will be on a blocked account in the tenant’s name.

– The landlord does not have access to this money during the rental period. But if the tenant does not get up and be thrown out, the deposit will help to cover the landlord’s loss, says Leisner.

The deposit can also be used to cover damage in the housing that needs to be rectified when the tenant moves out. But when you rent a home, you should expect it to be exposed to normal wear and tear and you will not get replaced.

Must calculate housing wear

Nikolaos Farmakis is communications manager at Utleiemegleren, which is engaged in housing rental in several major cities in Norway. According to his experience, there are three themes that arise in conflicts after a rental relationship.

– Firstly, I find that many landlords are petty. They quarrel about small amounts and will have replaced a lost key or a mark in the wall. This is normal wear and tear that you can count on when renting out. Many also have unrealistic expectations of what they can get replaced, but do not get a new floor even though there have been scratches.

In addition, he says that a lot of tenants are washing up too badly when they are moving out and then a quarrel arises when the landlord will hold money to pay for a new sink.

The hiring committee recommends that you create a proper immigration protocol with a description of the housing and images that document the condition. Then there is less risk of conflict when moving out. They also emphasize that a tenant can not be held responsible for normal wear and tear.

Check the renters’ references

When choosing a lessee, this will of course vary depending on where the property is. In central parts of Oslo there are often many who want to rent the same apartment and you can take the time to check the references and choose the person you like best.

– References are very important to check. Anyone wishing to rent a home should make a residence resume with previous rental, possibly an employer or teacher may be a reference if you have not rented a property before, says Farmakis.

At worst, you will not get rid of the tenant

MONEY: When renting a home, you must expect it to be subjected to wear and tear. Even with scratches in the parquet, you basically can not claim it replaced. Photo: Gro Strømsheim

– Not easy to terminate a tenant

At worst, you will not get rid of the tenant

THANKS LONG-TERM: Attorney Anders Leisner in the Huseier’s National Association reminds you that it is not easy to terminate a tenant. Photo: Huseierenes landforbund

Leisner emphasizes that one should think well and not least look ahead in time before renting a home.

– Basically, rent is not time-limited and it will take a lot of time before you as a landlord can terminate a lease agreement without a reasonable and reasonable reason. Therefore, many want to put a time limit into the contract, it must be at least three years.

There are some exceptions. If you rent a part of the home you live in, then the contract can be limited in a year. And if you want to move abroad for two years with the job, then the lease can be limited to this, but it must be in the contract.

– And such an agreement will only cease if you actually return and move into your home, “says Leisner..

It is also recommended to terminate a notice period. But Leisner emphasizes that it is first and foremost the tenant who can terminate the agreement. As a landlord, you must have a reasonable and reasonable reason to terminate the agreement, if the lessee can not appeal the resignation to the rental committee. And such a process takes time.

Use a standard lease contract

The Consumer Council can tell that issues surrounding rental housing are number two on their statistics of inquiries. During the first half of 2013, they received nearly 3000 inquiries about this issue.

– Leasing of housing is a topic that can easily create conflict. There are often two private parties involved and there is a slight disagreement about maintenance, who is going to repair an injury and what is normal wear and tear in a home, “says Ann Hege, communications manager, Skogly to click. no.

It is recommended to use a standard contract when renting. There are a number of contracts available on the internet, for example, at the Homeowners’ Association and the Consumer Council website.

And finally, keep in mind that the income you receive by renting out as a rule is taxable. There are some exceptions for renting a smaller part in your own home, you can read from Skatteetaten.

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