Are you right?

You should regularly check if the case is cutting right.

Are you right?

Are you right?

How to hammer like a pro

Are you right?

Therefore, turn the screw wrong

Are you right?

This tip makes the puzzle a little easier

There are several methods to find out if the story is cutting right.

You can use a long snake angle along plant and blade, or a digital angle.

You can also take a simple test of your case to see if it’s really cutting right:

Out of position

What you find out with this test is whether the cut is 90 degrees or not.

Is cut off, this does not necessarily mean you have a bad case, but it may be out of position.

The angle can be adjusted for most cases (calibration).

How to do this can be found in the manual’s manual. These can be downloaded from the manufacturers’ websites.

Make two cuts

Take a table or a plate bit as wide as the saga is capable of.

Cut of the end.

Now, do a new cut on the opposite side.

Before that you have to rotate the bit 180 degrees so that the bottom side comes up, but so you still have the same side on the bit against the plant on the case.


Are you right?

Rotate: Cut off both sides, but the bit must be rotated 180 degrees. Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

Measure the side facing the plant, then measure the side at the far end of the plant.

Are these goals different, do not cut 90 degrees.

Which way?

The page closest to the plant is the shortest, the blade should be rotated clockwise and vice versa.

Are you right?

Target on both sides: Measure closest to the furthest from the plant. Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

We received our tips by Stian Braata, regional manager at Makita.

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Are you right?

Adjust the blade: Here the blade should be adjusted clockwise. Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

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