Are you required to submit a building application?

Check if you are required to submit a building application and other regulations regarding garages and outbuildings.

Are you required to submit a building application?

From 1 July 2015, it became known that you could build a garage, outbuilding, balcony or living room without having to apply for a building permit. However, even if you do not have to apply, you must ensure that the construction measures do not violate land plans such as regulation plan, municipal plan and building plan, material rules in the Planning and Building Act or building engineering regulations. In other words, it is a lot to get into.

Building Application Rules

– You must also relate to infrastructure in the ground, such as municipal or private water and sewers and cables of various kinds, and for geotechnical reasons, explains Hytteliv’s construction engineer Per Christian Tellefsen.

Also litigation in your property may affect the construction effort, such as a right of access to the neighbor where you intend to build a garage. You may risk tearing out if the construction measures prove to violate important rules.

– From July 1, 2015, only the point of application for application was changed, not the material substantive rules for the construction measure. The requirements for the various building measures are unchanged, says Tellefsen.

Email notification

An important change that was made on July 1, 2015 was that neighboring notifications for projects that require application could now also be by email. The e-mail correspondence indicating that the neighbors are notified refers to the confirmation of neighborly alert, similar to signature from neighbors or receipt from the post, if the notice has been sent.

Applications for exemption from area plan must be processed within 12 weeks. If the deadline is exceeded, the construction fee will be reduced by 25 per cent per week. It is the same principle as for today’s framework applications, in cases where it lasts more than 12 weeks from the complete application until the case is processed.

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This does not require a construction application

• Free-standing storage room, garage and outbuilding on one floor without basement, with gross area below 50 m², mooring height less than 4 meters and at least 1 meter from the neighboring border. The building should not contain living space as a bedroom. This is a substantial extension of the old rule, which included only standalone 3 meter high booth and the like. up to 15 m², located at least 4 meters from the neighboring border.

• Built-in balcony, roof over entrance hall, wood or bicycle house of up to 15 m², at least 4 meters from the neighboring border. It should not contain living space.

• Max. 1.8 x 10 meter lifts can be built 1 meter from the neighboring border. In the past, such an application should be placed at least 4 meters from the border.

• Max. 1.8 x 5 meter lifts can be built up to the neighboring border. This will probably have the greatest importance for vertical cabins and homes.

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Three main actions

1. Application with responsibility: The larger and more complicated construction measures; All buildings, new cabins, enclosures over 50 m², garages and outbuildings above 70 m² require responsible companies with expertise in both the Planning and Building Act and building technology. Then you must hand over application, engineering and execution to the architect, building engineer or builder. However, if you have sufficient expertise, you can still apply for a right of responsibility as a self-employed person on the major construction measures.

2. Application without liability: Measures that are mandatory, but can be requested by the promoter himself, who can also draw and execute the measure. In many of the minor applications, you can search, draw and perform the construction work yourself. This includes an extension of up to 50 m² and a garage, outbuilding or storage space between 50 and 70 m².

3. Applicable: Measures that do not require application or permission. Here we also find the news coming July 1st this year.

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