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Are you planning to buy an apartment on the first floor?

Therefore, you should avoid buying the apartment on the first floor

Are you planning to buy an apartment on the first floor?

Are you planning to buy an apartment on the first floor?

Therefore, you should set off two weekends to decorate the patio

“Many may be tempted to buy on the ground floor because you can get more housing for your money,” says economist at Storebrand, Kristina Picard.

She recommends thinking about two things first: if you want to enjoy yourself and how it will be to sell the apartment later.

Much insight, little perspective

Often there is disturbing insight and more noise on the ground floor than it is in the rest.

– You would like to hear from everyone who walks in or out of the main entrance, Picard says, adding that the apartment may also be colder than those that are higher up and get warm from the apartments below.

Consumer adviser in the Norwegian Real Estate Association, Carsten Pihl, seems first and foremost two things that appear as disadvantages: access and view.

– When you live on the first floor, it is easier for those who walk by the street to look into the home. Thus, the privacy becomes smaller.

He thinks that is especially true when the residence is right on a busy road. Thus, it may be less problematic in retired housing blocks.

Similarly, there is often worse view from the first floor than on the floors upwards, he says.

High first-one

– I do not want to discourage everyone from buying a house on the first floor, because there may be big differences in such apartments, Picard emphasizes.

Are you planning to buy an apartment on the first floor?

Now you can drop the key

She adds that someone has a lot of insight and is in trafficier streets, while others are more sheltered in so-called tall first floors.

– You can also get more housing for your money, which is great if you are in a situation where you need a lot of space or have a strong desire to live in a particular area.

Pihl explains that what is called a high first floor means that it is often a half-staircase up to the entrance, which gives less visibility and better visibility.

– A high first floor means it’s so high above the ground that people on the ground can not look through the windows, he explains.

Less safe

Picard says that Storebrand has had insurance customers who have slept with an open window, where burglars have just landed in the bedroom window and picked up things.

Some may feel less safe on the ground floor. Even if you are not necessarily more vulnerable to burglary, you must think differently.

The consumer economist therefore recommends that you never have windows open without securing them with locks, neither day or night time.

– It’s not just you who are more on exhibition but also your things, if you live on the ground, Picard believes.

She adds that they do not have statistics about which floors are most vulnerable to burglaries. On the other hand, on the other hand, it may be difficult for burglars to work undisturbed as people pass all the time.

– However, it is common for burglaries and cellars.

avoids stairs

Pihl says that it is first and foremost up to someone to find out if you should avoid buying on the ground floor or not.

Are you planning to buy an apartment on the first floor?

Doing mistakes, you risk moisture and root damage

– There is a difference between housing and Thorvald Meyers street in Oslo, and in a quiet housing company at Oppsal.

He also believes that one thing is clear: the first floor will have fewer stairs than the other floors, which may be of benefit to those who for various reasons can not walk stairs or may not wish.

– Then I think of the blocks where there is no elevator.

Picard agrees.

– The first floor is convenient if you do not have the ability to walk on stairs and that you get more housing for the money, she says.

– In some homeowners it will be possible to go straight onto grass or a garden patch. Although often common areas, many will look at this as an obvious advantage, adds Pihl.

Securing the dwelling

However, if you live on the ground floor, either because you want or because you may not have other choices, it is important to consider a few things.

– It is important to secure both doors and windows. Make sure the balcony door is properly locked, preferably locked with key, recommends Pihl.

Picard also recommends having security locks on the windows if you want to open them. Someone may prefer to install alarm as well.

– Being connected to an alarm center can also be smart, she concludes.


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