– Anything other than the old patchwork

Architectural expert on new Holmenkollen. What do you think?

- Anything other than the old patchwork

- Anything other than the old patchwork

Status Holmenkollen hopper November 2009. Photo: Oslo municipality

- Anything other than the old patchwork

ARENA: Holmenkollbakken seen from the arena. Photo: Drawing: JDS Architects

- Anything other than the old patchwork

BAK: Here the architects show the ground behind the entrance. The architects have been famous for the lighting of the hill. Photo: Drawing: JDS Architects

- Anything other than the old patchwork

CHANGE LANDSCAPE: The new and the old ground in profile.

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Operabygget has put Oslo on the world’s architecture map.

Now the new Holmenkollbakken, which replaces old Kollen, is ready for opening.

Today is the official opening of the new Holmenkollbakken.

Read on the Nettavisen: The boys jumped before Anette in the new Holmenkollen

– We hope this will be a great and solemn opening of the new Holmenkollbakken. I urge everyone to come up to take the world’s most modern ski resort closer, says Mayor Fabian Stang on Oslo City’s website.

Budget Cracks

The new Holmenkoll project has been discussed, not least because of budget overruns.

This is one of the largest public building scandals ever, said Minister of Culture Trond Giske to NRK when the news of the 600 million budget mix reached the public in August 2009.

The final amount will be according to NRK. no of NOK 1.8 billion. It is twice as expensive as originally planned.

The last steel section was 24. November lifted in place on the tower of Holmenkollbakken.

Now Oslo’s latest architectural major initiative is ready to be filled with the public again.

Permanent Windshield

Danish JDS Architects has designed a facility where, among other things, the lighting of the ground was celebrated by the jury.

The Arena facility contains an amphibious total of 30. 000-35. 000 spectators. The jacket stands should still be sitting rifles because it is very steep here.

The Holmenkollbakken becomes the first ski slope in the world with permanent windshielding. The 10 meter high windscreens are woven together of high quality steel, and will make the jump for about 50 percent of the wind.

Two lifts

There are two lifts attached to the ground. The chair lift should take the jumps from the ground up to the ball.

To get to the top, jumpers and visitors on the big hill must take a cabin lift that will run on the inside of the structure.

This is clear now

Information Advisor in Holmenkoll Project, Kristian S. Moen, tells to click. no that most of the plant is ready for the opening shop.

  • All the functions necessary to complete the jumping run in a safe and good way, both jump tech and safety, will be in place.
  • The starting house must be closed, but there will still be some work on the facade after the World Cup.
  • The entire windshield will be mounted, as well as large parts of the inner windshield.
  • The windshield in the gap between the actual addition and the king / judge rifles will be solved provisionally during the World Cup.
  • The coaches will also consist of some provisional solutions during the World Cup.
  • King and judge rifles will be used during the World Cup. The same will be the comment boxes in the bowl. These will, in essence, be completed, but supported by some provisional cabling.
  • As far as the public strippers are concerned, both the stands in the bowl and the jacket trunks will be finished. Enhanced terrain rifles will be available to the public during the World Cup, but these will only be roughly planned.

A clear improvement

Ulf Grønvold, Senior Counselor at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, believes that Oslo’s new jumping plant is a beautiful construction and certainly preferable to the old bouncy.

– What we had was not weird stuff, he said to clicks. no. – The previous ski slope was beautiful when it was completed for the winter Olympiad in 1952, but since it was heavily built and heavily changed.

– It was a piece of paper that was torn and replaced with something much more beautiful, says Grønvold. – As a pure visual figure, the new one is far from preferred.

Does not turn on the Opera

Bjørvika, Tjuvholmen and not least the Opera has received tremendous international and national attention. Will the new Holmenkollbakken look up over Oslo again?

– I think it’s difficult to compete with the Opera in power, “says Grønvold. no. “You can hardly expect any building, either in Norway or Europe, to handle,” says the curator.

You can take the new Holmenkollbakken closer to your eyesight on television tonight at 19.

Sources: Oslo Municipality, NrK, JDS Architects.

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