Ana finds the furniture on the street

Reuse has long been popular, but some go more drastically than others.

Ana finds the furniture on the street

– I do not really need anything anymore. The problem is that there is so much nice out there, absolutely free, “says Ana Vilar.

She has not bought a single piece of furniture since 2007.

When she moved from northern Spain to London nine years ago, she quickly realized that the utilities people dropped off in London’s streets could benefit her. Ana works as a light designer, but was without a fixed income and therefore could not afford to buy everything she needed. She immediately had bed, couch, table and chairs at his disposal.

– It eventually became a way of life, says Ana.

Living in a warehouse

Not all the furniture was in good condition, but Ana quickly learned the tricks. -You can add, remove, build, cut, paint and retract.

There are many ways to revive old furniture.

She and her husband Droo longed for an uninhabited room where they could do the most from the bottom and accommodate all their furniture. When they found a sheltered warehouse in the Whitechapel district of East London, they struck.

– Nobody had stayed here before. There was no bedroom, not even shower.

Ana, Droo and a common friend began the extensive renovation work. They built walls, let pipes, connected to electricity in every room, and turned about the old elevator to the shower room. Eventually they could begin with the decor.

Ana finds the furniture on the street

SCENELYS: The lights hanging on the wall are from the London Contemporary Dance Theater, where Ana worked a few years back. The theater had a big booze, and Ana took the headlights home. Photo: Fay Elizabeth Harpham

Most of the apartments in the apartment today are found on the street or provided free of charge online. The Chesterfield sofa has traveled with Ana on crossing across London for seven years, ever since she found it on the street in her old neighborhood. Her first lampshade picked her up from a container eight years ago. The Sterndale piano grew on the English website Gumtree.

Ana finds the furniture on the street

LOVE TAX: The Chesterfield sofa is one of Anas oldest furniture. She has borne her around London in the last seven years. Photo: Fay Elizabeth Harpham

Here is also the home theater system she came across on a sidewalk in northern London.

When I see something that pops up from a container or lies along the street, I always have to check it out. You can find the strangest and most amazing things.

Seeing opportunities

Many are surprised by all the fine she finds. Ana believes most people are missing out on great street furniture because they do not keep their eyes open.

-I see the possibilities of a furniture quickly.

Although not all the furniture she takes with her finds the way to the living room, she takes care of the most. It may be that she will use them for a later date. Anas home is never quiet.

-You can call it an evolution, a project. Our apartment is constantly changing. It looks completely different now than it did just a few months ago.

The working area along the window has evolved as people have entered the collective. Right now, several of them need a convenient home office. Therefore, they expanded the studio so that more people were able to work from home. The office squads found them standing in the hallway when they moved in. They kept five of them and did the rest to shelves.

-I like the industrial look the shelves have got, besides, they are very cool to have.

Metropolitan phenomena

Ana has always been interested in interior design and design, but says moving to London was a revelation. It is accepted to mix different styles. It is also easy to find furniture on the street.

Ana finds the furniture on the street

SAMPLES: Ana collects on lampshades. – I found the first lampshade in a container eight years ago and since then I have not managed to stop. Photo: Fay Elizabeth Harpham

Ana finds the furniture on the street

GAMMEL KLESFABRIKK: The warehouse in Whitechapel was previously a garment factory. When Ana and Droo moved in, they found more man-made beds in the room. At the wall they were taken from a nearby club. The shelves to the left of the clock were built by old office workers. Photo: Fay Elizabeth Harpham

-I have greater aesthetic freedom in London, simply. I feel free.

Finding free furniture

Ana has found free furniture for many years and gladly shares his tips.

  • Walk the city. Look behind trash crates and into the back streets.
  • Give the furniture a chance. Sometimes you have to look a little extra well to discover the potential.
  • Freecycle (also available in Norway) is a gold mine for furniture lovers.
  • Containers often contain a lot of fine materials and finished furniture.
  • Keep your eyes open for restaurants or places to be laid down. Often they will get rid of much of the inventory without having to carry it themselves.
  • Have an open mind. If anything is dirty, you can wash it. If something is broken, you can fix it.
  • Finally, she reminds us that free furniture always has to work with. This means that you need a lot of space, both for storage and refurbishment.

According to Henry Mason, Head of Trend Watching Trend Watching Marketing Department, she is not alone. It has become popular among young creative Londoners to pick up furniture from the street. He thinks it is related to today’s online culture.

-Modern consumers have become accustomed to the fact that most of the web is free and thus looking for free opportunities also in the outside world.

Ole Petter Nyhaug, partner and business developer in the Norwegian research agency OnLive Research believes the phenomenon is linked to a search for authenticity and meaning, coupled with economic challenges. He does not think we will see much of it in Norway.

-This is probably a fairly narrow city trend for those who are particularly interested. The flea market at home makes up much of the same function.

Creative Hobby

Even though there is a lot of great online and online stores, the street picking Ana is the best. There is something special about finding a furniture tax on the street.

Ana believes creativity is important if you want to decorate your home with free furniture. She does not think creativity is reserved for a small group. -All have a creative page, but some choose to grow it more than others. You can always do more than you yourself think.

Ana finds the furniture on the street

FREE PIANO: No one in the house can play and the instrument can not be voted, but Ana thinks the Sterndale piano is a beautiful piece of furniture in itself. Photo: Fay Elizabeth Harpham

She often fosters herself by calling friends and famines if she stumbles upon an inalienable finding as she knows she can not accommodate herself. She always emphasizes how little it takes to renew an old piece of furniture. She would like to save as much furniture as she can.

Ana finds the furniture on the street

CANIN: Ana has many beautiful furniture, but nothing is finer than the Frankie bunny. -He is my child and my girlfriend, Ana says. Frankie stands on Anas newest find, an armchair with a green velvet strap. Photo: Fay Elizabeth Harpham

-You only stand there, alone, someone has to take them home and give them some love.

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Ana finds the furniture on the street

COLOR FISHING COOL: Ana and the man moved into the uninhabited warehouse in Whitechapel two years ago. They brought more old furniture from their previous apartment, such as these three colorful refrigerators. Photo: Fay Elizabeth Harpham

Ana finds the furniture on the street

CREATIVE DUSJ: This was originally an elevator and then contained. Ana and Droo chose to turn the place into a shower room. Photo: Fay Elizabeth Harpham

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