Among the very best available in Norway

The plateau is one of the roughest things we have seen in Norway.

Among the very best available in Norway

In recent years, more spectacular construction projects have emerged in Norway.

Last year, for example, Snøhetta won the “World building of the year” award in the category of visiting center.

The Troll Street plateau now attracts attention and the facility is highlighted as one of the foremost Norwegian tourist attractions.

The platform has also been named the world’s finest building in the public service building class of American ArchDaily, the world’s largest architecture site.

Today, the plant is awarded the national award “Concrete Plate 2012” for outstanding architecture and first-rate use of concrete.

It is the architect office Reiulf Ramstad Architects who has been behind the project. An extensive architectural program both in complexity and extensiveness. The entire plant covers an area from one end to the other, taking around twenty minutes with continuous walking.

Among the very best available in Norway

SPECTACULAR: All buildings, zones, and elements of the project help to support the unique character of the site and provide visitors with added value in relation to the travel experience. Photo: Diephotosigner. the

Sets infrastructure requirements

The platform is designed to accommodate many people in a short period of time. Around 600. 000 people divided into 100. 000 vehicles visit the site during the summer months. This places great demands on infrastructure and logistics.

The aim is that the tourists visiting Trollstigen will have a rich natural experience and that there will be a powerful showcase for Norway. According to the architectural office, the experience of the unique character of the place will be enhanced through well-functioning and location-oriented public facilities. The architects have wanted to give a holistic impression of Norwegian nature and culture at its best, worthy of a national tourist route.

Humble Approach

Among the very best available in Norway

BEAUTIFUL: The project clarifies the situation by collecting all parking in a comprehensive facility, modifying the National Road Race and establishing a new bridge over the river. Photo: Diephotosigner. the

Among the very best available in Norway

FUNCTION: Concrete is used in fine contrast and harmony with only two other materials: steel and glass. Photo: Diephotosigner. the

Architect Christian Skram Birdset in Reiulf Ramstad Architects tells to bonytt. No, it’s hard to put your finger on one particular challenge. However, the plant is located in a highly weather-prone place requiring constructions that safeguard both the safety of visitors and the great stresses that the building structures are exposed to over the winter.

– To take care of this while having a humble approach to nature and the nature of the place is challenging. By thinking of all architecture on the spot as built landscapes, rather than conventional houses, which are foreign elements in such a context, the project has got its natural space on Trollstigen, explains Skram Fuglset.

A travel icon

Skram Birdset says that they wanted human beings to stand in contrast to nature and create clear and clear transitions between architecture and nature, both through the design of the elements and the use of materials throughout the plant.

Among the very best available in Norway

Architecture and elements are solved to make clear precise transitions between planned zones and the natural landscape. Photo: Diephotosigner. the

Among the very best available in Norway

The resort includes café and gift shops, parking, toilets, hiking trails and viewpoints. Photo: Diephotosigner. the

Travel and tourism are also increasingly changing the natural landscape of Norway. Some claim that development has often occurred on the wrong premises and without clear overall plans. This has led to spontaneous, clumsy expansion. It was also the situation for the Troll Trail.

Good contrast

Concrete has been used a lot in the project and in a good way. The Norwegian Concrete Association’s jury states, among other things, the following:

“The concrete is used in good contrast and harmony with only two other materials: steel and glass. The interaction between the concrete and the other materials shows a well thought-out project in the smallest detail “.

Among the very best available in Norway

Traffic evolution and mobility are solved so that security and clarity are prioritized. The different visitor groups must be informed and directed from the access area and into the landscape. Photo: Diephotosigner. the

The construction site that includes cafés and gift shops, parking, toilets, hiking trails and views, in addition to powerful floodplains, is well organized and invites visitors not only to stop but to stay and explore the place.

Hangs high

President Kim Skaara of the Norwegian Architectural Association (NAL) believes the concrete price is a good flower in the buttonhole of the architectural office that wins.

– It’s high and it’s not about who has used most concrete, but how the concrete has been used in combination with other materials.

Skaara has not even been there, but seems the pictures express a great symbiosis between building and landscape.

Among the very best available in Norway

TROLISH: The building improves the natural experiences in a clean way with clean, sharp concrete volumes that play against the mighty surrounding rock formations. Photo: Diephotosigner. the

– It seems that they have had the ability to create something that both slides into the landscape and creates a contrast. The building also helps to emphasize the drama of the whole situation.

Amplifies the experience

The Concrete Association also believes that the building really enhances the natural experience with clean, sharp-cut concrete volumes that play against the mighty surrounding rock formations.

It is also the second time that a national tourist road is awarded to the concrete board. Sohlberg square, which overlooks Rondane, won the 2007 prize. The award ceremony with project presentation by the architect will also take place at Hotel 33 in Oslo today as part of the “Concrete Awards 2012” event. “

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