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– Amateurs better than professionals on refurbishment of baths

Amateurs do a better job of renovating bathrooms than professionals, claiming moisture and fungus experts.

- Amateurs better than professionals on refurbishment of baths

- Amateurs better than professionals on refurbishment of baths

YES TO AMATURES: Non-profit amateurs can do a better job than skilled workers, says Kolbjørn Mohn Jenssen. Photo: Mycoteam

Craftsmen often do it too busy to do the job of renovating the bathroom properly.

It means Kolbjørn Mohn Jenssen in the consulting firm Mycoteam. They will provide specialist competence in the field of building damage such as fungus and moisture.

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The company has investigated hundreds of bathrooms where craftsmen have done the job.

None of them have met the wet norm’s requirements for thickness of the lubricant.

– We have now tested hundreds of bathrooms. None of the professionals had managed to make the thickness according to the wet norm. The smallest thickness we found performed by professionals was only 0, 15 millimeters. The thickest was 0.45 millimeter, says Kolbjørn Mohn Jenssen to Click. no.

The requirement for the wet norm is 1 millimeter.

– An amateur does it carefully, reads the instruction manual and adds up to 5-6 coats. Professionals do not have enough time, says Mohn Jenssen.

What can the consequences be if the membrane is not thick enough?

– Membrane gives a certain amount of vapor resistance. If the bathroom is adjacent to cold rooms, the result may be mold damage, “says Mohn Jenssen.

Mycoteam became aware of the problem as more homeowners discovered mold damage to adjacent rooms. Mycoteam decided to investigate how thick the membrane was and what kind of impact it could have.

– Even in many cases where professionals know it’s going to be a check, they have not been able to put the membrane thick enough, “says Mohn Jenssen.

Thorough job

- Amateurs better than professionals on refurbishment of baths

OWN RESPONSIBILITY: Only seven percent choose to clean the bathroom completely on its own. Photo: Illustration photo: Istockphoto

Advice on moisture damage

  • Always consult a qualified professional before starting work in wet rooms.
  • Request that work in wet rooms be carried out by Byggebransjens Våtromsnorm BVN (this can be ordered from Byggforsk).
  • By modernization, replace the drain and pipes in the floor and wall (add new pipes to waterproof).
  • Avoid drilling holes in the membrane’s wet zones.
  • Cracks and discoloration of flakes have occurred, contact a specialist, this may be due to moisture damage.
  • Careful cleaning (some cleaning products have long-term effects on bacteria).
  • Make sure you have effective ventilation in the bathroom. The temperature of the bathroom should be higher than in the rest of the house.
  • After the shower it is advisable to dry on the floor and leave the bathroom door open for some time, if the bathroom is damp.
  • The extinguisher should be cleaned twice a year. Use a disposable glove.
  • The washing machine should be connected to a solid drain.
  • If you have floor and wall, please install a shower cubicle.

Source: Sintef Water Damage Office

- Amateurs better than professionals on refurbishment of baths

Look nice the bathroom was

Jørn Davidsen is Managing Director of Litex, which sells membrane panels for wet rooms.

He agrees that amateurs can do such a thorough job, telling House & Home that a craftsman has no other focus than getting the job done as quickly as possible.

The science councils will help reduce wet damage and disagree.

– Våtrom is particularly complicated. When educated to do this does not mean that it becomes easier for ordinary people, “says Lars Gulbrandsen, Senior Vice President, ..

No warranty

A survey conducted by the housing magazine Vi i Villa in 2007, with nearly 2700 Norwegian homeowners, shows that only seven percent brush the bath on its own.

44 percent leave everything to professionals, while half of us prefer a combination.

– If you get the bathroom yourself, you have no guarantee , and they will be able to get less paid from the insurance company if there is any damage to the bathroom, “says Espen Krossli, general manager of the contract firm Oras, Telemark department , to Click. no.

He thinks there are unfortunately many good amateurs out there, but there are also many bad amateurs who should also seek professional help.

Not for amateurs

– We have had many assignments where amateurs have tried on plumbing, and then we must come after fixing. In general, I would like to say that the plumbing job is not for amateurs, “says Espen Krossli.

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A regular homeowner insurance only covers sudden and unforeseen water damage. That is, moisture damage that occurs, for example, because the tiling or dipping of the membrane is not properly done, probably not covered by your insurance.

Learn more about creating bathrooms that are properly regulated in Building Industry Wet Norm (BNV) . BVN provides recommendations and shows solutions for making water resistant, solid, functional and durable wet rooms.

See also the Water Damage Office’s brochure for water damage.

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