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Alternative bookshelves

Too small wall space.

Alternative bookshelves

We live in a detached house with open solution and very small wall space, so finding bookshelves is a challenge. We have two walls under windows, one being 77 (h) x 175 cm (b), where it may be appropriate to have shelves. There are no standard heights. We have looked at Ikea and in div. furniture catalogs, but have not found anything at the right height. It is not appropriate for us to look into the expensive furniture stores, which I have registered have many nice module shelves. Thought for a while to build the shelves themselves of bricks and planks. What kind of wood should we use and in which dimensions?

I think rom123 shows many fun and different solutions and is open to suggestions. In No. 1/2008 p. 93 is a variant of “brick and planks” which is very nice. What kind of materials and dimensions are used here? Do they have to be screwed together? Books are heavy, so how long should it be between the blocks? I do not really mind building materials, so it’s great if you can give names and dimensions to materials. Thank you in advance, thank you!

Wood is divided into hard and soft woods. Hardwoods are oak, walnut and ash, while soft varieties are, for example, pine and fir. In practice, a floor of a harder wood type will withstand larger traffic, high heels, etc. Used in furniture such as shelves, tables etc., harder woods will withstand greater strain on books. But it is common to use all kinds of wood in furniture, also particleboard. They are very useful, but also very weak.

The shelf you saw in room123 No. 01-2008, is made of cast light concrete blocks and ash wood slabs. The wooden plates rest on the blocks. To reinforce this construction, you can use two-component glue that can be purchased from Jernia or Clas Ohlson. At Maxbo you can buy hobbies in the desired size. Usually, such plates are in pine, but as long as you do not have a larger span than 50-60 cm between the blocks, it’s fine. If you want a span of 60 cm or more, you should have support from the bottom.

You can use wall blocks that are common to use on street wear. They are available in many sizes. has such.

The shelf can also be made of something called MDF discs. Such plates are widely used in the furniture industry. You can buy them at Maxbo and similar wood stores. What’s great with such records is that they have a very nice surface and are easy to work with. Besides, they are quite strong. There are more thicknesses on such discs. You can also paste two and two together to get thicker discs. With a little sandpaper and color they will look like one thick plate.

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