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All you need to know when to buy ready-made

Are you planning to build a workshop? Here are the tips for the most trouble-free purchase.

All you need to know when to buy ready-made

11 cool and modern finishes

All you need to know when to buy ready-made

How to draw the dream house yourself

All you need to know when to buy ready-made

How to buy a cabin and house

The farmhouse is distinguished, partly because of its lack of architectural qualities.

However, in recent years there have been more and more models on the market showing something else. Some of them have even won architectural prizes.

The person who chooses a crafthouse today can therefore find a home with both exterior and interior qualities. Additionally, to ensure good construction, the best part is for a happy home purchase.

Project Description and Dialogue

The entire project should start by reviewing its needs and setting out a clear description of what one wants.

– The more detailed such an analysis is, the better the starting point for the project will be, says project director at SINTEF Building Research, Tore Kvande, to click. no.

– It is also important to establish a good dialogue with the supplier right from the start.

Good contract essential

Political adviser Aleksander Myrvold at the Consumer Council emphasizes Kvandes points with the importance of clarifying what is included or not.

– Many of the complaints we get are about price and scope, he tells us to click. no.

– Therefore, it is crucial that the contract is completely specific to what is included in the agreed price and what is not included. But often the supplier comes with a completed completed contract, and it is especially important to be on duty. Norsk Standard has developed standard contracts that can be used for listing catalogs. It may be sensible to get such a reference when you need to go through the supplier’s contract.

Myrvold emphasizes that one should not be afraid to ask if there are confusions in the contract.

Start and Finish

There are two important times that must be included in the contract and must be clearly described.

– It is essential that the start time and completion date are included. We have Supreme Court Judges who show that if completion is not clearly specified, the buyer loses the right to claim compensation.

Day fines and warranty

The sanction opportunity that a buyer has if the project is delayed is to demand daily fines. It follows from the so-called Bustad Record Act, paragraph 18.

However, it requires that the completion is clearly timed.

It is also stated in the Bustadoppingslova section 12 that the contractor is to provide a guarantee of fulfillment of the contract.


Laws applicable to completion of the acquisition

If you buy the house as a building set and set it up yourself: The Purchase Act

If you buy the house by a vendor who will set it up: Bustadsopplovelova

If you buy a turnkey house: Disposal Act

Deposits and advances are not uncommon when it comes to large projects like a house. However, the Consumer Policy’s general policy is to avoid prepayments where possible.

– At least, it should be clear that any interest in the advance is due to the buyer, emphasizes Myrvold.

– If there is a delivery of four million, the interest rate of a ten percent advance of 400,000 will be a few dollars.

Check the references

As part of the preparation, it is important to check the references of the suppliers you have looked forward to.

– In this process, one should also look around the corresponding house the supplier has set up, so that you get an impression of how the house is getting into reality.

Rough Adjustment

One of the reasons Kvande believes one should be aware when choosing a model, how is the house adapted to the topography of the site. Too often the home is calculated on flat plots.

– Terrain customization is something most providers can get better at and in many cases adaptation to the site can be a challenge. One should, among other things, consider climate, solar conditions and availability when the house is to be placed.


It will of course be absolutely crucial that you get a good quality house and that does not fail when Norwegian wonders go out.

Kvande believes that Norwegian catalog houses are generally well-prepared.

– Therefore, you will consistently get a good house. What one should check is whether the supplier in question has a technical approval on his construction system.

He also believes that its shorter list of specifications is, the more may the pitfalls be.

– As I’ve experienced it, most complaints come to an end.


Mostly, a finisher makes his choice out of a catalog and selects a house that suits the economy and needs.

However, there may seem to be reasons for suppliers to advise more about aesthetics, functionality and what the buyer needs. In general, I think that manufacturers can be better off guiding, says Kvande.

He emphasizes that it is important that the supplier is clear about what comes with the delivery and what is not included.

– Suppliers have different deliveries, ranging from turnkey houses you can move straight into to rough buildings that require a lot of effort by homeowners.

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