All you need is a towel, salmiakk and iron

Genius tricks.

All you need is a towel, salmiakk and iron

Most of us know smoking is dangerous, even if you smoke only occasionally.

But that does not mean we never do it. Although there are only a few per cent that smoke daily, it’s a part of bulletins at a party.

And in the middle of winter it’s not always advisable to go to the cold.

Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to hang your upper body out of the window: Smoke smell tends to end up anyway.

Remove smoke from the curtain

The curtains, which are often in the middle of the butterfly, may be particularly prone to nasty odors the following day.

But do you know how to best remove it?

All you need is a towel, salmiakk and iron

KJAPT OG GREIT: Malin Skaar, head of Lilleborg Consumer Service, gives the following tips: 1) Mix Salmon in water by referral. 2) Pour the terry towel and twist it up. 3) Put the towel over the curtain and iron with low heat iron. Photo: Ina Rosenberg Stavrum

– Dip a terry towel on a bucket of plain salmon lacquer. Turn it up and put it on top of the fabric that smells bad. Use iron and iron over with low heat. Then the towel will attract the bad smell, says Malin Skaar, head of Lilleborg Consumer Service.

Salmiakk helps to remove bad odors. Therefore, scissors generally recommend washing the areas that can withstand it to remove the dun.

When it comes to textiles, aeration is a good option. If necessary, it must be washed.

Male to remove odor

Advisor at the Institute of Technology, Lena Furuberg, says that it is the nicotine in the smoke that gives the unmistakable smell.

– You must first and foremost clean and clean walls, ceilings and floors. This has to be cleaned with a medium that has a pH of about ten to eleven. First try a small area to make sure that the paint does not get along and the surface is damaged, she says.

After cleaning, it is important to dry well so that the surface is not damaged by the water.

All you need is a towel, salmiakk and iron

FASTURE: Not many cigarettes will be used until the entire room smells of smoke for a long time afterwards. Photo: Thinkstock

– Sometimes you have to paint over as well, she says. Then it’s okay to know about the litter, so you do not just replace a bad smell with another.

Can hold a product

Line Mercedes Åramnes, who leads quality and training in the Citymaid home service, says it often includes a product, even in an apartment or similar where it has been smoked.

However, such products often have a short shelf life, and some are reserved for professional cleaners.

– It can take a long time to use a product with biotechnology that removes organic odor bacteria. This is sprayed on and “eats” the material that causes the smell. When the bacteria are “saturated” they become clean air. Here, there are many different products with different designs, but many eliminate smoke smell effectively, especially on textiles and furniture, she says.

Several products contain so-called ONT technology, which encapsulates the molecules that cause bad odors.

– It is often used in the dwelling where it has been smoked in connection with moving laundry, etc. These are effective methods, and often produce good results if the smell is in the surface, “says Åramnes.

Removing odor professionally

She adds that it is important to distinguish between the two different types of smoke odor: the stain and the surface, and the person who has drawn into woodwork and the construction itself.

– If the accommodation is “smoked” over time, and you will permanently remove it, I would recommend contacting a company specializing in indoor climate. It’s not all that can be “washed away” and you get more benefit from using a few other methods. Then you often have to come with machines and expertise that go a little bit over the laundry, she says.

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