Affordable chainsaw is best in test

It’s raging, rumors and is quite dangerous. It’s soon forgotten when you’re standing there with a new bunch of woods.

Affordable chainsaw is best in test

Affordable chainsaw is best in test

Stihl: Only a switch for start, stop and choke. Photo: Øivind Lie

Affordable chainsaw is best in test

Husqvarna and Jonsered: Not acoured toolless access to the air filter. Photo: Øivind Lie

Affordable chainsaw is best in test

Partner: The chain can stretch a bit when the saga is new, but this was a little over. Photo: Foto: Øivind Lie

Affordable chainsaw is best in test

Shindaiwa: The gas barrel jammed in its recessed position. Photo: Øivind Lie

Affordable chainsaw is best in test

Genial woodshed

Affordable chainsaw is best in test

Råsterk test wins with short charging time

Affordable chainsaw is best in test

Test: Cheapest case is best

When it comes to felling trees and cutting them up to wood, there are no alternatives to a chainsaw.

The best chainsaws in this test are easy to maintain, have great powers and are very easy to use.

We have tested seven chainsaws suitable for the hobbyist.

Roughly speaking, we have picked out the second cheapest variants, all with an effect of about 1.5 kw.

This has been emphasized:


Switches and covers must be easy to operate, preferably with heavy gloves and cold fingers. The chain brake on the chainsaw must be easy to operate and the gas must provide good control and response.


The tightening of the chain and cleaning of the air filter is maintenance that should be done frequently. Then it is important that these points are easily accessible and easy to perform. Here it is also an advantage if this can be done without tools.

What we really do not like is when parts and screws need to be loosened completely so that you have small parts that can get lost in heather and scratch.

Capacity and RPM

Here we talk about the extent to which the saga loses rpm or stops when it meets resistance to thick logs.

It is also important that the engine responds quickly when you press the gas and that it increases the speed quickly as you reduce the load.


History should be used at different angles and heights. Both when you trash, robes and twigs. Then it is important that it has a good weight distribution and design.


The test was performed by Petter Rogneby, gardener and tree nurse at Hageform.

All cases came assembled and prepared from the supplier, as it should also be when you buy a case.

They have been tested with a full tank and we have put the most emphasis on clean cutting of logs, as many do when the woodwork is to be filled up.

The cases are also tested for felling and firing of trees.

In the table below, you can compare the cases. Prices are indicative, but these are products that are often on offer.

Take a check with multiple dealers.

Below the table you can read about each chainsaw.

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