Advice to you who struggle to swap downlights pears

Does it mean that you do not have to touch the glass when changing bulbs in spotlights? Or that a dimmer can double the life of the bulb?

Advice to you who struggle to swap downlights pears

Advice to you who struggle to swap downlights pears

FOR SMALL SPOTLIGHTS: This halogen bulb is pulled straight out. Photo: Clahs Olson

Advice to you who struggle to swap downlights pears

DOWNLIGHT: Many struggle to change the halogen bulb in downlights Photo: Clas Ohlson

Is it a mystery for you how to change the hallo bulb as smoke in the downlights you got mounted many years ago? Or do you find it striking how often you have to change?

– As a rule, the bulb is on a simple steel ring as you hug each other in front. The ring is in a groove, when you squeeze the ring, it comes out. The old 220 volt bulbs wrap you around, others are straightening you out, “says Trond Timmermann, electrician and chain coordinator in the electric chain El-fag.

Even though halogen bulbs are phased out in 2016, and the LED takes over, the principle is usually the same: A loose ring on the outer edge that either twists or squeezes to get out.

Vidar Eriksen-Vik, electrician and general manager of EL-IT Elektro in Oslo often meet customers who do not understand how to get the light bulb in the downlights.

– They start to break with a screwdriver because they do not realize that the bulb should be turned on. Everything outside the bulb will be left in the ceiling, he says.

Remember to turn off the light before you begin.

– Halogen bulbs are very hot. You must turn them off and let them stand and cool, otherwise it’s easy to burn, says Eriksen-Vik.

Screw, drag, hug

Advice to you who struggle to swap downlights pears

DOWNLIGHT: This downlight has a spring mechanism. Photo: Clahs Olson

There are, therefore, several different types of spotter, the most common can be either pulled out, pulled out or squeezed out. Let’s start with the first one.

– As a rule, there is a screw device on the bulb that you turn on. The bulb sits in a small shelf you twist it out of, says Eriksen-Vik.

Turn until you notice that it drops out of the slot in the lamp.

Then there’s the bulb with two tapes in the bottom.

– The plug-in bulb, as we call it, just pulls out and pushes a new one into the shelf.

In addition, you have the bulbs with a spring in front.

– Then squeeze the feather and the bulb will come out of the shelf. Hold on the shelf and twist or pull the bulb out.

Once you have a new bulb in again, squeeze the springs together again. The carpenter in El-fag also shares downlights bulbs into those who have glasses in front, and those who do not have it. Small downlights on the bathroom cabinet or in the kitchen with glass front are usually the most twists.

– You often have to use a thin screwdriver or the like to light the bulb. It can be a little complicated, because the bulbs are small and it’s cheeky to come to.

He tells us that there is less and less ice cream now.

– Before, it was mostly an electrician who switched the bulbs, but what is sold today should the consumer be able to change himself.

Nevertheless, he recommends that an electrician go over ceiling lamps with halogen bulbs every other or third year.

– It may get hot inside, and wires may become stiff if they are adjacent to the bulb.

Fingering on the glass

It’s been an old truth that you do not have to grab your fingers when switching halogen bulbs to downlights. Eriksen-Vik knows why:

– On your fingers you have fat and there are fingerprints on the bulb. Firstly, do you reduce the life of the bulb because the rays that are going out do not come out, it’s like covering some of the bulbs. Secondly, the quality of light is poorer, “says Eriksen-Vik.

The carpenter in El-fag, on his side, says this is an expired truth and that there is nothing to think of.

– There is no measurable effect on the life of the bulbs. On the first pears it was so, but now it’s no longer applicable. You should not touch the bulbs to not burn, “he says.

If you experience that the bulbs smoke frequently, there may also be other reasons.

– The cheaper the bulb, the more you will reduce the life span, Eriksen-Vik believes.

If many bulbs are running at the same time, it may be natural to think there is something wrong with the power, but usually it is not.

– One thing that is very harmful to all pears is hot. Often it can get very hot on the spout, which reduces the life span, “he continues.

A dimmer on the system can help.

– A dimmer can certainly double the life span. If the bulb does not get full effect, the life is prolonged.

It can also be an option to go down in strength, he states, to get less heat development, and thus longer service life. The halogen bulbs are available in different strengths: 10W, 20W, 35W and 50W.

Suction support

Clahs Ohlsson also has many questions about how customers change spotter, says Johan Toftstuen, communications adviser in the store chain.

– We help many customers with it all the time. GU-10-pæra is the most questionable. It sits a little hard. It must be turned half a turn. Often the lampshade is so tight that you can not grasp it with your fingers. Then you must have something that can be stuck in pear so you get twisted.

Advice to you who struggle to swap downlights pears

SUGEKOPP: With the right tools, it will be easier to twist the light bulb. Photo: Clahs Olson

And so he talks warmly about a small suction cup that attaches to the bulb and will make it easier.


At various online forums, many express their frustration over difficult downlights. An owner of 40 downlights this way:

Stands and wakes up on a chair, flips out the j *** feather with a seaweed, feather stands out and freaks away, behind the couch, pearl falls down with 10,000 flies that go straight to the jaw and eyes on the mourning (me) that is glaring underneath. And installing a new bulb is not a dance on roses either. but at least the flies on the floor, in my pockets, in the hair and in the bottom of the sweater, I do not have to get them back in my mouth. “

Vidar Eriksen-Vik in EL-IT, electrician owes its own condition and sellers of downlights because people find it difficult to change spotter.

– We do not take enough time to show how it is done, he believes.

Nevertheless, you should preferably have a user manual somewhere in your house if the house has been fitted with downlights.

– Every time we finish a new facility, the customer gets a folder to store with his electrical system. It will be like an instruction manual, it says how to change and what type of bulb they are going to use, says Eriksen-Vik.

– Broken energy saving bulbs require venting

– Bulb of light bulbs is wasted


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