Absolutely wild woodcutters!

Some tools are certainly not recommended. Especially not the homemade.

Absolutely wild woodcutters!

Absolutely wild woodcutters!

Affordable chainsaw is best tested

Absolutely wild woodcutters!

Genial woodshed

Absolutely wild woodcutters!

Dry by spoiled quickly by wrong storage

Some hours down these tools will definitely increase the size of your attachment.

We show you three tools that will surely do the job.

The disadvantage is that they are likely to struggle with the approval of the Labor Inspectorate.

Redneck Announces

Redneck Log Splitter, we can translate with the type of woodcutters you’ll find in the American countryside.

The main part is a large flywheel driven by an engine. On this flywheel it is mounted on an axle head.

When you stick the cube until the wheel splits the ax head cube into two. Genuinely simple, and similarly dangerous.

V8 Motorsag

You have one-hand chainsaw, two-hand chainsaw, and here we speak of a two-man motor saw.

It is powered by an eight-cylinder car engine, albeit in aluminum, but must be handled with two ruddy guys.

It would probably have scored well on capacity and poor user-friendliness in our recent motorcycle test. The case was built by American Robert Andrews.

Car Attachment

This is simply a conical screw that you attach directly to the wheel bolts on one wheel. The tool is available in many variants mounted on an electric motor. Here it was probably a smart thing that thought; I have the engine, just pick up the car and start the hatch.

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