A walnut removed the ripen

Walnuts work great as a piece of furniture.

A walnut removed the ripen

Often it pays to invest in proper equipment when brushing up. However, sometimes there are shortcuts to a good result.

With this tip, you do not need to go to the store to find brushes and chemicals.

It keeps going in the kitchen cabinet. All you need is a walnut.

Magic Nuts

Scratches and scratches disappear immediately when you rub the nuts over the wood. The effect is like being snapped out of a tv-shop advertisement.

The surface is smooth and smooth, and the furniture appears as newly restored.

The American website has shared the tip with its readers and reap most enthusiastic comments.

In Norway, the trick seems to be unknown.

– This method I do not know, says furniture repairs Morten Fagerli to

A walnut removed the ripen

GNI CHANGE AT TRACTOR: The friction liberates oil that penetrates the wood. Photo: Niklas Heart

Fagerli is working to stop and retrieve old furniture, thus giving them a longer life. He usually gives the wood an overhaul for the furniture to shine again.

– I usually use linseed oil to treat scratchy surfaces. If there are bright spots in the wood, I can use the liquorice in the forefront. That’s what I put on some beeswax in the end. It’s important that the oil is not like a film on top of the wood, “says Fagerli.

– Could you imagine trying the walnut method?

– Yes, why not?

Friction releases oil

A walnut removed the ripen

FOODWARE AND MOBILE MINK: Walnuts can be used to renew worn wooden furniture. Photo: Niklas Heart

Norwegians Norwegian Wood Technological Institute is aware that walnut can be used as a piece of furniture.

– I have not heard of this method, but it seems reasonable that it can work, says Sissel Bjørge to She is a researcher at Treteknisk.

– What’s actually happening?

When you rub the walnut against the wood, it releases oil, and when the oil enters the wood it will smooth out the scratches, explains Bjørge.

However, the researcher does not recommend that you base your nuts when maintaining your furniture.

– There are some special products for treating wood. These are products containing carefully composed mixtures of different oils. For major maintenance work, it is probably advisable to go to the color trade, the researcher believes.

If you choose to maintain your furniture with established expert tips, you should also not worry if one of your guests suddenly turns out to be allergic to nuts.

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A walnut removed the ripen

BOX BOX: A box of walnut kernels costs about $ 40 in the grocery store and can be used for many purposes. Photo: Niklas Heart

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