Dream house

A time trip in Hanne Gran’s home

With a passion for old things she has spent years collecting interior.

A time trip in Hanne Gran's home

Here you can get a little better acquainted with Hanne Gran, who is one of the ten finalists in the award of Norway’s Dream House.

She lives in a beautiful old house from 1880, which she has refurbished from top to toe. Nevertheless, she has retained the old charm of the house.

Who do you live with?

I live with teacher Lars, Rasmus 11, Teo 6 and the rabbit Spike

What do you do everyday?

I work daily as BC ass. In B.young, but now in addition to its own blog, a vintage website for Vintage bloggers started vintageinteriorblogs.blogspot.com together with Mia (Mias interior) that takes some time.

Age: 71-year-old. That’s all I want to say about that matter.

Blog: John’s Diary

1. What did you feel or what was the first thing you thought when you heard that you were a finalist?

The first thing I thought was “Hurray!”

2. What are you most proud of at your home?

What I’m most proud of is the whole.

I’ve collected this interior over many years and I think the inside reflects the outside. This is an old workplace with lots of history and I’m happy when visitors to me experience a small “time trip”.

3. What do you think about the response you have received so far?

I am made friends and felt so it’s always cozy. Otherwise, for different reasons, I do not try to read too much in the comments boxes.

4. What do you want to buy for your home if you win?

Here’s just one thing to say, Milla Boutique!

A while since I’ve been there, but that time they had some lovely old lockers. That said, the whole store is just a DRĂ˜M!

5. If you do not win who would you like to get used to?

I have more blogged friends in this contest all with GREAT home! Still, I have to go for either Mia or Monica. Both are home with lots of individualism and personality. Too bad, many fail to see it.

Must have Kristine too, wonderful house !!

(Hanne did not win the competition).

A time trip in Hanne Gran's home

MODERN NOSTALGI: The home of Hanne is full of references to another era, yet with a modern touch. Photo: Hanne Gran

A time trip in Hanne Gran's home

LIGHT AND EASY: The window in the ceiling drops the sunlight right down on the bed, giving Hanne a fresh start to the day. Notice the old window that has now become a partition. Photo: Hanne Gran

A time trip in Hanne Gran's home

NOSTALGI: The white surroundings are characterized by nostalgia and charm. The chairs around the dining table seem to be well used for years, and the shelves in the sink are filled with old jars and tubs. Photo: Hanne Gran

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