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A lot to save on house insurance

Both in the city and in the country, you can save money on where you buy your home insurance.

A lot to save on house insurance

insurance premiums

A lot to save on house insurance

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A lot to save on house insurance

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A lot to save on house insurance

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A lot to save on house insurance

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If you insure your house, it is a lot to save on which insurance you choose.

For a home in Oslo, the most expensive villa insurance is almost twice as expensive as the cheapest.

At homes in Tromsø, Bergen, Skedsmo and Tynset you can save more than 2000 kroner on the villa insurance, depending on where you live.

Here you can check the results of the survey yourself.

We did this

We have received villa insurance rates from five of the largest insurance companies in Norway.

Prices are collected the same week.

All houses are villas of 170 square meters with residential alarms. The residence was built in 1990 and has no water stop or additional area.

Prices are standard prices without collective discounts.


Mutual is the worst in the prize test and is most expensive both in Oslo, Skedsmo, Tynset and Bergen..

– I am surprised that we were most expensive at all places, “says Linda Engen, a product developer in Gjensidige Forsikring. She points out that most insurance companies now reach prices according to the customer’s age.

As a result, as a price, they can use the price for their oldest and cheapest customers in this survey, while we have stated an average price, says Engen. She says they also have a basic insurance that includes more than other insurance policies.

– For example, we have rotten injuries and rebuilding for adaptation of wheelchair users and unlimited sums where competitors have chosen to have a limited amount. This may mean that our basic package is somewhat more expensive than those offering limited coverage, “says Engen.

If is the best in both Oslo and Skedsmo, but is most expensive in Tromsø.

– Of course, we are pleased to be the cheapest these two places, not very happy for the price peak in Tromsø. But the most important thing for us is that we are stable and predictable over time for the customers, “says Jon Berge, information advisor in If.

He points out that the insurance rates of all companies change several times a year, so who is the most expensive and cheapest will vary.

– Norwegians are generally well insured. It’s good, but it’s no point to be insured twice, “says communications advisor Martin Skaug Halsos in the Consumer Council.

Also DnB NOR thinks it’s nice to be the cheapest in Bergen and at Tynset in the survey.

Information manager Ole Irgens in DnB NOR Damage Insurance says the differences may be due to different criteria such as housing size, standard, security measures and local district conditions. Therefore, there will be individual differences on the price the customer will receive.


A lot to save on house insurance

HOUSE INSURANCE: You should choose an insurance to suit your needs. Photo: Colorbox

What should I think about when I buy insurance?

  • Check which deals are available in the market.
  • You should purchase insurance as needed.
  • Please use the Finance Portal, where the insurance industry itself has entered the facts about what the insurance covers and does not cover. The finance portal is run by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Read the agreements carefully and check what the insurance covers and not just the price.
  • If you disagree with the insurance company about who is responsible for a case, you can bring the case to the Insurance Office.
  • You can lose the right to insurance if you do something you should not do. Example: If you have had burglary and have not locked the doors, or had a fire because you left the Christmas tree with burning lights.

Source: Communication Advisor Martin Skaug Halsos in the Consumer Council.

If has yet to add an additional area of ​​10 percent in its prices. The policyholder is an average age of 55 years. The burglar and fire alarm has a transfer to the alarm station.

The proprietary share is 4. 000 kroner.

Insurance covers:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Theft and Damage
  • Other sudden and unforeseen building damage and garden. Examples: Exterior water pool, whirlpool tub, hot tub, fence, solid woodbread and flagpole. The compensation is limited by a total of NOK 150. 000, but still limited to 50. NOK 000 for fixed woodbread. Other types of breweries or quays and the like are not covered.
  • Legal aid if there is a dispute between the insurance owner and a third party related to the housing (purchase / sale of housing, border crossing between housing etc. ) the customer will have a cover covering expenses for attorney, court, witness, etc..
  • Natural damage: storm, flood, storm flood, landslide, earthquake and volcanic eruptions. Everyone pays the same premium for natural damage insurance – 0.09 per cent of the insurance sum. It is equivalent to nine kroner per. 100. 000 in insurance sum.
  • All buildings and movables insured against fire damage are automatically insured against natural damage. This follows from the Natural Damage Insurance Act. The scheme is administered by Norsk Naturskadepool, where all non-life insurance companies in Norway are members.

Additional Insurance: A villa insurance can be extended with Ifs Super Insurance. The insurance also covers mushrooms and mites, logs, drill bits and other damage caused by animals (such as rats and mice). An extended insurance costs around 20 percent more. In addition, you may receive additional discounts for membership in several federations and associations as well as various anti-corruption measures.

Detailed terms and conditions for insurance coverage at If.


In these examples, a deduction of 6 is calculated. 000 kroner, and prices are based on ordinary villa insurance. That’s the one they sell most of. Prices are without collector discounts. The insurance includes natural damage, which is mandatory for all companies. The insurance sums are calculated according to the FNO’s “Pricing Table for Form Assessment”. This is the same in every company.

Insurance covers:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • security
  • Hurtfulness
  • Other building damage such as garden
  • Legal
  • Natural hazards
A lot to save on house insurance

ACCOMMODATION: It is over 3. 000 kroner to save from the cheapest to the most expensive villa insurance in Honest Home’s survey. Photo: Colorbox

Detailed terms and conditions for insurance coverage and additional coverings at TrygVesta.


Property 4. 000 kroner.

Insurance covers:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • security
  • Hurtfulness
  • Natural hazards
  • Other building damage in the garden, such as fence, flagpole, terrace, outdoor swimming pool and the like.
  • Legal aid if a dispute has arisen between the customer and a third party about the property (purchase / sale of housing, border crossing between housing etc. ) the customer will have a cover covering expenses for lawyer, court and witnesses.

In DnBNOR non-life insurance, the customer can choose from Villa Base and Villa Best. If one chooses Villa Best, the customer will have more coverage / additional coverage included.

Additional Coverage:

  • damage caused by fungal and root damage
  • If you are exposed to an accident and depend on a wheelchair, you will be covered by the cost of rebuilding, so that the accommodation is adapted to a wheelchair.
  • damage caused by pets
  • Artistic Decoration of the Home
  • consequential damage caused by water has come through exposed roofs, walls or due to failure drainage.
  • Detailed terms and conditions for coverage of DnBNOR.


The prices in the survey are standard prices. It is possible to achieve up to 60% off for injury prevention measures in addition to collective discounts. Alarms included in this survey provide a 14% discount.

The proprietary share is 4. 000 kroner.

Insurance covers:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Theft and Damage
  • Other building damage, such as rats.
  • Garden: Shrubs, shrubs, fences, flagpole, hot tub and the like with unlimited sum. Do not cover climatic damage such as frost, or animals, insects and rodents that damage the garden.
  • Legal aid: If you come to a dispute as a homeowner, the insurance covers up to NOK 100. 000 to lawyer. For example, it may be neighborly known for the felling of trees, or land boundaries.
  • Natural hazards

Additional Coverage:

If someone in the household is exposed to an accident and becomes a wheelchair user, or if you have a child with congenital handicap, pay up to 250. NOK 000 for rebuilding and arranging the accommodation.

Although the property is not fully damaged, you can start and build it from scratch without having to build on residual value if the property is more than 75 percent damaged. This can be of great importance, especially for older homes. You get the option to choose another floor plan, for example, for reconstruction.

A lot to save on house insurance

OIL PRICE: Villa insurance is more expensive in cities than outside. Photo: Colorbox

House Plus provides even better coverage. It includes:

  • Mushroom and root cover
  • Damage caused by exposed ceilings or walls (the damage itself is not covered because it is due to lack of maintenance but if water has penetrated through an exposed roof and made extensive damage inside the house, they cover the damage – the roof itself must be repaired by the customer himself. )
  • Consequential damages caused by bad craftsmen work, but the actual mistake is the craftsman himself obliged to replace.

Detailed terms and conditions for what the insurance covers at Gjensidige.


Prices are based on an insurer of 38 years. The proprietary share is at 4. 000 kroner. The detached house has a normal standard without damages that has resulted in payment of house insurance over the last three years. It does not have insecticides or fungus damage. Storebrand offers two types of house insurance covering different things: Super or Standard. You choose a deduction of 4. 000, 8. 000, 16. 000 or 30,000 kroner. The higher the deductible, the cheaper the insurance is.

Insurance covers:

  • Buildings mentioned in the insurance certificate.
  • Exterior pipes, wires and tanks.
  • Garden, outside swimming pool / hot tub, fence, flagpole and fire and nature damage to woodwind with a total of 50. 000 kr at coverage Standard and kr 300. 000 by Super.
  • If you install residential alarms associated with the alarm center, you will get a lower price on the house insurance.

Standard Coverage:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Theft and damage of building parts, fence, flagpole and sudden damage. Rules for protection against theft and damage apply.
  • Natural damage like f. example. storm, landslides and floods.
  • Other building damage such as failure of load-bearing buildings, other sudden damage to the building, snow weight, snow press on the building, racing on or off.
  • Legal

Super Cover:

  • Mumps and rubbish damage on the building.
  • Water damage due to the fact that water penetrates the building through walls and ceilings.
  • When water retention takes place through pipe, terrace o. l or flat roof is the deductible 16. 000 kroner.
  • Damage caused by wet wetlands
  • Damage to the building caused by animals and insects.
  • Adaptation of housing due to permanent medical disability after an accident. Up to 250,000 kroner special rules apply.
  • Maximum compensation for: Gardening facilities increased to 300. 000 kr. Public authority injunctions have increased to 500. 000 kr.

A detailed overview of the insurance coverage at Storebrand.

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A lot to save on house insurance

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