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A gray world

How to read the color codes.

A gray world

I see that something called “hot gray” is often used in home repairs, kitchen doors, walls, etc. Can you help me with color codes on light and darker warm gray shades, and which one of these fits best where?

Most of the interior colors in Norway come from the color system called NCS. It stands for the Natural Color System. The system consists of three main colors: red, blue and yellow. When you mix these colors, you get all the colors that are in the world, and by adding white and black you get all the nuances in them.

Different manufacturers like Jotun, Nordsj√ł, pick colors from this system and make their own palette. They name the different colors with different names.

Lower numbers, brighter color

The color you are looking for is a blend of white and black that is added red or yellow color, or perhaps a mixture of these two. This gives the gray color a warm feel over it. A clean warm gray color is the one that only has the letter Y at the end of the color code, such as S1002-Y. The Y stands for “yellow.”

The scale goes from S0500 to S9000. The lower the number, the brighter the color.

The example of light warm gray shades are: S1002-Y, S1502-Y and S2502-Y.

Examples of darker gray shades are: S3502-Y, S5502-Y and S7502-Y.

If you want to paint something with a warm gray color, my advice is to go for the darker in the middle. They are more defined. Otherwise, there is no rule that says which of these colors best suits. However, gray colors may be affected by other colors, and it is important to note. For example, a cabinet in a clean gray color, without added color, will look blue against a yellow wall. Therefore, always add some of the color the gray color is to be used to keep the gray color gray (in this case it turns yellow). Next time you are in a color store, ask for a NCS fan where you can see the full range of colors.

I hope this gave you some insight into a “gray world” of colors that are not as monotonous as you would think.

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