A cotton swab can show why you have a headache

Headache is one of the first symptoms that you have mold in your home. A simple test can reveal the sinner.

A cotton swab can show why you have a headache

A good indoor climate is not just about having the right temperature and humidity, but it’s as much about your health. And many go around with health problems they can not find the reason for.

– 80 percent of all indoor climate problems are due to moisture. And there are many who suffer, but do not think it’s the indoor climate that is blamed. It just thinks they are tired, says senior engineer at SINTEF, Elisabeth Nesbakken Haugen, to Bonytt. no.

– And the first symptoms they notice are usually headaches.

The challenge of moisture and indoor climate is that the source of the problems can be hidden and difficult to detect. However, a new test method can be a solution.

The Swedish company anoZona conducts DNA testing of dust. Using a cotton swab, you can submit dust tests that are analyzed for traces of mildew, which can be a trigger for indoor climate-related health problems..

According to the Danish website bolius. dk is the advantage of such a test that it can provide answers within six to eight hours while a traditional culture-based test will take about seven days.

DNA test of dust

A cotton swab can show why you have a headache

How to get rid of the dose

Fragments of poisonous mildew can, for example, float in the air like so-called spores. After a while, they settle into flat surfaces.

“You can catch them with a tops (Q-tips)”, explains anoZona on their websites.

According to anoZona, the top of the door frames can be suitable places to collect dust from. The dust should have been on the window sill for more than one month.

– Usually you will have about 500 to 1000 microorganisms per square centimeter, but if the analysis shows a value between 5000 and 10. 000 this will indicate that there may be a mold problem in the home, and the occurrence will be so high that it will exclude external sources, explains Gøran Bostrand of anoZona to Bonytt. no.

Such a test can be purchased through anoZona’s online store for kr 2375 SEK.

Wash and air

According to Bostrand, if the test indicates that you can sneak up in the air, it will be to vent and carry out a major cleaning.

– If you try a new test for a while and still find too high values, you will most likely have a mold and moisture problem.

Dead mildew also creates problems

According to the lecturer at Uppsala University, Dan Norbäck, the challenge with today’s measurement methods is that they only confirm the occurrence of living mildew.

A cotton swab can show why you have a headache

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But dead mildew can cause health problems, he says to Uppsala Nya Tidning.

– Therefore, current measurement methods should be supplemented with measurement of mildew DNA.

To the newspaper, he also says that there is mold that can cause ailments without the presence of moisture damage, mold or mildew.

Air samples can provide a good response

At the Norwegian company Mycoteam, an advisory consultant for biological building injuries, it is believed that both building research and air samples can provide better answers than a DNA test from surfaces.

– We perceive that there are methodological weaknesses in the DNA test, and we believe that better tested methods for investigating and collecting dust, including mildew detectors, will be able to detect if you have a mold problem, “says Mats Mattsson, head of department, Johan Mattsson. Bonytt. no.

A cotton swab can show why you have a headache

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– And it does not necessarily have to be that mold is the cause of the headache. For example, it may be poor indoor air for other reasons that is the problem. This can be quickly confirmed by measuring, for example, the content of carbon dioxide in the air. Therefore, we believe it is important to go broadly to find the cause of health problems.

A major issue

According to Nesbakken Haugen, moisture damage and mold is a health problem that is more important than one is aware of.

– A mold nozzle does not need more than three to five days to establish itself and it can grow anywhere. However, it may vary how much the individual reacts to this. It is often about respiratory problems. You think it’s cold, but that’s not it anyway. The first symptom may be headaches, and if the pain disappears when you are out of the home, there is every reason to suspect.

– Before Health Diary

In order to confirm when and where health problems arise, Nesbakken Haugen has a health record.

– This way you can eliminate the places where health symptoms do not occur.

Replace building materials

A cotton swab can show why you have a headache

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The problem of moisture can have many different causes. There may be old moisture injuries that were not taken care of when they occurred. In other cases, there may be so-called building moisture, which is moisture that settled in the materials at the time the housing was built.

Some moisture can be removed by drying out, while in other cases the building materials must be replaced.

– All porous building materials that are damaged by moisture must be replaced, explains Nesbakken Haugen.

– Plasterboard is the disgust in this context and it needs to be replaced if moisture and mildew is confirmed.

Poor ventilation

According to Nesbakken Haugen, one distinguishes between four types of moisture: the one that comes as a result of weather conditions, moisture from the construction period, water damage and man-made through showering, cooking and dry cleaning.

– In the case of man-made, it is a problem that many homeowners slur with the ventilation. The best advice against moisture problems is therefore to ventilate properly and to keep it dry and clean.

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