A 6 mm crack in the cladding is enough

Getting a mouse search in the home is never nice, but there are simple steps.

A 6 mm crack in the cladding is enough

Autumn is the time when more of the pests pull indoors. Mice are one of them. You may notice them as craving in the walls. Or you can find traces in the form of excrements or holes on foods in cabinets or pantry.

Other signs of having mice in your house are traces of redevelopment, such as thickened cardboard, insulation material and the like.

Although husmus is largely harmless, it is equally an unwanted housekeeper. At worst, it may rub over wires and cause fire.

But how do you get rid of it?

Had to move from the mouse

Geir Hunter from Active North Pest Control explains to bonytt. No, that mice in all types of homes and cabins are quite common, especially at this time of year as it starts to get colder outside.

The pest mower further emphasizes that one single mouse can not do so much harm.

– But, there are several, and they last for a long time, can cause damage to insulation, chew holes on water pipes and short circuit electrical systems.

– The biggest damage, perhaps, is the mental strain it is for someone who is afraid of mice. These do not sleep very well at night and feel a big discomfort in being in the home.

Hunters can indicate that they have actually had cases where residents have had to move out due to large amounts of mice and stools.

Alf Inge Fjelde from the A1 Pest Control Center emphasizes that mouse excrements may also contain infection.

Generally, rodents have a behavior that often brings them into contact with dirty areas, trash residues, and food for humans and animals. This means that they have the potential to spread infection, writes the National Institute of Public Health in its brochure on husmus.

Takes in everywhere

These little rodents can enter the home in many ways and all they need is an opening of 6-7 mm.

According to Hunter, the mouse often comes under the cladding (between the wall and the outer covering).

It’s also not uncommon for them climbing on plants or trees that are close to the wall of the house.

– They can also easily penetrate through an open door or window, emphasizes the damper damper.

A 6 mm crack in the cladding is enough

SPORTS AFTER MUS: Here the mice have been on the ferry, and special cases can bring it with them. Photo: the pest

Prevent the best solution

Signs that you have mice in the house

  • Krafselyder : Sounds in walls or ceilings can be mouse popping around.
  • Muselort : Then there will be small and dark excrements, placed along walls or in places with large mouse activity, such as in food or dining cabinets.
  • Characteristic odor : Musebol emits a smell similar to ammonia, and it will be particularly strong in closed places, such as in cabinets.
  • Damage : Muscles often rub on wood, plastic, cables and other hard materials to keep your teeth sharp.
  • Nest : Mice build nests of material that is torn apart, such as paper and pieces of text. Nest is built in secluded places as behind the refrigerator.

Sources: Rentokil

However, if you have no problems with rats or mice, you should take some precautions to ensure that it continues that way.

– Keep track of houses and remove trash and scrap that can act as a hiding place, emphasizes Hunter.

– You can also fight / prevent by placing poisoned meadows in lockable stakes around the house.

He explains that you can buy different products directly from professional market players.

No Pest Control Agreement

You can draw a so-called piracy agreement with some pest control companies.

A pest control agreement includes inspections and remedies – no matter how many impressions are made, you pay the same price.

According to Fjelde from the A1 Pest Control Center, is unnecessary for piracy agreements for mouse problems in buildings.

– Also fight with sealing / fuse, he advises.

Avoid going to fella

A 6 mm crack in the cladding is enough

Dead GNAGER: This rodents has been dead under the kitchen counter for a long time, and has given away a foul oder. Photo: Mycoteam

Hunters warn you against getting lost by purchasing audio reporters that will scare away mice using high-frequency audio.

A 6 mm crack in the cladding is enough

This is the reason for bad smell in the bathroom

– These have no proven effect, and are just trickery.

He refers to an old, yet time-consuming case from NRK, about this particular topic.

Be honest about the sale of housing

When buying and selling housing it is very important that the seller informs about any previous problems and that the buyer inspects the house carefully with regard to pests.

– There have been many things in the judicial system on this, explains Jæger.

At the Active North Pest Control, they also find that it is very bad for newbuilders where the developer obviously has the haste to move on to the next project.

– Exhausted construction, with many mistakes and failures, expands Jæger.

Approved pest control

All pest killers must be approved by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI). A list of approved companies can be found on their website (PDF).

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A 6 mm crack in the cladding is enough

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