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8 out of 10 are pleased with newbuildings

80% of house buyers are pleased with their newly built housing, reports a recent report from the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research.

8 out of 10 are pleased with newbuildings

About 80 percent of residents in new homes are satisfied and only 10 percent are dissatisfied. Most satisfied are the residents with the kitchen, the bathroom and the heating solutions, and least satisfied with soundproofing between rooms in the home and neighboring housing, according to a new report from the Norwegian Institute of Urban and Regional Research (NIBR).

– That 10 percent are dissatisfied may be due to the fact that expectations of what they should get were high, researchers Rolf Barlindhaug and Marit Ekne Ruud write the report.

However, the craftsmanship is often too bad and it is reported about errors and missing after handover. The buyers are even satisfied with the information about the delivery of the property, but this turns to dissatisfaction with information and follow-up of errors and shortcomings after the takeover.

85 per cent of all who have invested in new housing find some mistakes, and 15 per cent characterize the mistakes as serious. However, most errors are corrected.

Read the entire report here.

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