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7 tips for cheaper craftsmen

You can save a lot on arranging the job properly for the craftsman.

7 tips for cheaper craftsmen

7 tips for cheaper craftsmen

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You can actually shrink the bill noticeably, and best of all: The craftsman will like it.

Here are some simple tips on what to do if you have an electrician or plumbing to be done.

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Electrical Work

1. Have a plan. The most important thing is that you have a plan for what to do. You must know what to have and where. Do you start planning after the electrician has run the roof meter as you walk and puke.

Set up yellow patches where you want switches, electrical outlets and connection points.

2. Kitchen. Do you want to cook the kitchen you have a lot to do with the electrician bill. If you do everything right, you can expect savings of between 15-25 percent.

Give the electrician the floor plan and signs in addition to the kitchen interior on the wall. This will save you the electrician for time-consuming measurement.

Also find out what is required of contacts to what you should have installed. For example, does the cooktop and the oven require any contact?

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3. Access. Make sure the area where the craftsman is going to work is easily available. Should you put arrangements along the floor list in the living room, clean the furniture into the center. This makes it easy to get to where the job is to be done. Should it work on the roof, please take a curtain staircase.

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4. Existing facilities. The more information you provide about the existing plant, the better prepared is the plumber on what to expect. As a minimum, you must give the plumber age to the plant. The best thing is to take a picture of the existing plan where it will work and send to the plumber in advance.

5. Equipment. Make sure to select and order mixer and other equipment as early as possible. That something is missing or that you change your mind can be expensive.

6. Demolition. Should something tear or remove, make sure to do such things yourself. The exception is if there is a risk of damage to the pipes. Then you should leave the job to the plumber.

7. Clean. All the great craftsmen clean up, but you are told to clear yourself, so you save on the bill here too.

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Einar Kjus, Plumber Manager / Professional Leader, Plumber Center

Andre Lydersen, electrician, FixEL

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