35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

Woody cabins are small but space efficient.

35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

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35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

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Architect Marianne Borge’s original cabin concept Woody strikes a blow for the simple yet comfortable cabin life.

With the support of Innovation Norway, she has drawn three area-effective cabins; a minimum size of 20 square meters, another of 35 square meters, and the largest of 48 square meters.

35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

BUTTONS: This is cottage number two built after the Woody pinch. It has an indoor bathroom. The roof is covered with zinc plates. They will last for seventy years. Photo: Johs. Sandvik

Over the same train

35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

– I like to work with minimalist buildings, cabins and houses that place high demands on area efficiency, says architect Marianne Borge. In the Woody cabins, the luxury lies in the fact that you get a complete, well-appointed cabin. Photo: Ivan Brodey

– I based all the cabin variants on the same spatial concept, says architect Borge to Bonytt. no.

She tells us that this will be a public cabin, especially for families with small children who do not want to spend more than between one and two million in a cabin, and who value the environment and modern design, she says.

– I myself have been raised with simple cabins, and I do not think we will be happier with huge cabin palaces. Woody is back to basic.

Drøbak cabin was a test climber

The background for the Marianne Borges Woody project was that her regular carpenter Hakon Wester in Mester Wester asked a few years ago if she could not draw a cabin in Drøbak to the family.

And it should contain absolutely everything; living room, dining room, kitchen, fireplace, loft, shower and shower on modest 35 sqm.

– Although this cabin is small, it has many qualities like built-in outdoor shower. It is quite imaginative to stand outside thanks to shower in hot water, says Wester.

Mats the fifty-one style in the


In addition, the builder wanted the cabin to harmonize with the simple fifty and sixty-six cabins in the area where the new cabin was to be installed.

The noble sixties style is reborn

35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

FUNCTIONAL ALLROM: Behind large glass windows is the living room, with fireplace and stairs up to the loft. Photo: Ivan Brodey

– I think the scarce and precise material use in Woody cabins gives a reverberation, an echo from the noble cabinet style of the sixties, says Story historian Kaare Stang.

– And the way the windows are located makes these cabins seem bigger than they really are, the expert expands.

A sympathetic cabin trend

– Otherwise, this project is sympathetic in light of the challenges we face regarding the enger and resource situation. It has become increasingly common for people to build cabins that more and more resemble a house number two, commenting on Stang.

Woody emigrates to Western Norway

– I receive more requests for the Woody concept daily, says Marianne Borge and refers to a project outside Bergen where a developer in Fitjar has set up a cabin, and he facilitates more.

– There are several reasons I fell for Woody Cabin, says Johs. Sandvik in Steingard As in Fitjar. Firstly, it is small and, secondly, it has wood inside and outside. In addition, I liked the design and the use of birch veneer in the interior. This is a delicate material that plays well against the big fireplace.

Not affordable but a jewelry box

– Because the cabin is based on tailoring, it is not a reasonable model per. square meter. This takes it again by design being like a jewelry box, Sandvik believes.

– It’s not possible to just copy old history. It gets too boring.

Borge also has a Woody Wilderness on the drawing board. There the combination of gas and solar cells covers the energy requirements of the cabin.

Expected Series Production

The architect has been in contact with several factory manufacturers about the production of these cabins as flat-packed items. This part of the project has not found the right partner yet.

35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

MINIMALISM AND MINIMUM SIZE: The fifties and sixties simple cabins were one of the inspiration sources of architect Marianne Borges Woody’s concept. Here is the efficient use of space in the high seat. Here a 35 sqm Woody cabin in Drøbak for the Wester family. Photo: Ivan Brodey

The solution has been to sell Woody as a design folder with technical drawings, and then local carpenters can set up the building.

Small cabin with large qualities

– The extra height of the cabin of 35 sqm makes it possible to create exciting interior solutions, and not least the double room ceiling room is an eye-catcher, the architect believes.

A large fireplace wall with fire brigade in clay brick works as space dividers between living room, kitchen and bedroom. The bedroom has a sliding door towards the kitchen. Takhøyden also invited to create an airy loft directly above the log fire.

And the price?

– The goal is that the 35 square meter cottage, fully equipped, will be between 1 and 1.3 million, says the architect.

This price will depend on both demand, how the cottage is located in the terrain and the type of foundation required.

It’s the details that give lukus feeling

– In short, it’s the special architecture and the design of rooms and details that are the luxury of my cabins.

– I also see that you buy more models and put them together, for example at the angle of a tuna, “concludes Marianne Borge..

35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

COMPACT CONSTRUCTION: Here you can see some of the uncertainties from the Drøbak cabin dining room. The kitchen is sheltered under a brake in front of the house. The house has its own window facing the water. Photo: Ivan Brodey

Other, Architectural Options

Other alternatives in the same modern street are by the way Blåannhytta signed the architectural office Narud Stokke Wiig for Vikinghytter, minihytta Single room of industrial designer Claes Grönwall and the Tuddal model of 38 sqm from Drammen Hus og Hytter.

Other Norwegian architects like Kim Skaara and Jarmund&Vigsnæs have also drawn the nuts, space-efficient cabins. The models for industrial designer Ole Petter Wullum for Rindalshytter also point in the same direction.

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35-square-foot cabin that accommodates everything you need

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