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23 errors you can complain about after the home purchase

If the seller has failed to tell you about the shortcomings of the property, you should complain about the housing purchase. Here we explain how.

23 errors you can complain about after the home purchase

Property is the largest investment most of us make during life. Therefore, it is extra boring to discover that you have purchased a dwelling with hidden errors and shortcomings. And many people realize that the housing sales report is inadequate. In many cases, the seller has also brought items that would be left in the home.

In such cases you may be entitled to a price reduction, replacement and remedy, so it pays to appeal. And one in four complains about the housing purchase.

Advertise as fast as you can

Errors and shortcomings discovered within five years of purchase may provide grounds for complaint.

The rule of thumb is, however, to advertise immediately, and within two months of discovering it.

– We therefore encourage home buyers to send mail / mail as soon as they discover or suspect an error or hidden shortage immediately after discovering it, “Carl Bjurstrøm points out in Kraft Advokatfirma.

– Then, buyer can describe the error in detail later.

Ownership insurance provides security

Many sellers draw ownership change insurance that covers any hidden errors and shortcomings.

This may be wrong for hundreds of thousands, so it can be a lot to earn a complaint about the property purchase and follow up on its rights to insurance, explains Bjurstrøm.

Sales Manager at Krogsveen, Karsten Onsrud, confirms that it is normal practice of ownership change insurance.

– To a large extent, those who sell housing through us have signed a change of ownership insurance – something we recommend.

How to proceed with the complaint

23 errors you can complain about after the home purchase

BE KIND: Mumps formation is one of the mistakes you can complain about after buying a home. However, the rule of thumb is to advertise immediately and within two months of discovering it. Photo: Colourbox

23 missing you can complain

According to Bjurstrøm, a shortcoming is incompatible with the contract and the agreement (both oral and written)

Public Deficiencies; which, among other things, is lacking.

  • plot
  • Electrical installation
  • Pipe
  • Fire
  • Water and Drains
  • Completion
  • Use permit
  • Municipal regulation

Or more private law deficiencies, such as.

  • Incorrect area (area deviation)
  • Mushroom
  • Decay
  • Mold
  • Pests
  • Water leaks
  • pipe leak
  • Moisture damage
  • Isolation
  • Bathroom Error
  • Failure to turn off bath
  • Bad crafts in the house
  • Building faults
  • Construction damage
  • Drainage Error

Bjurstrøm has in cooperation with Housing Advisor. no, set up a simple 1-2-3 (-4) guide for those who want to complain about the housing purchase.

1. Submit complaint to seller and owner change insurance

Once you discover an error or failure, you’ll need to file a complaint, even if you can not document the error yet.. It’s ok to send mail, but please send a letter as well.

– You must complain immediately and no later than 2 months after discovering it. But if you’re late late, complain anyway.

Some sellers will make it morally correct and will do the right even if you are out of court. It’s better to send a complaint too much than too little , Bjurstrøm points out.

2. Document your complaint with a price / price offer

You as a buyer must prove that it is a legal claim. If the buyer is knowledgeable and documents through pictures, that may be enough.

– But it is important that a good starting point for the seller to decide on the damage.

– Please use a taxpayer or get a quote on remediation, advises the lawyer.

3. Write a complaint / complaint letter with documentation

  • This should contain the letter:
  • What’s the lack? Who is responsible?
  • The extent of the defect / error.
  • Estimated cost.
  • First. Give a seller a date for waiting to receive a response to the complaint. Ask if the seller will use their remediation right.

4. Submit the complaint to the seller and the owner change insurance

You as a buyer must complain within a reasonable time (about 2 months).

Who are you going to send the complaint to?

You have three options: seller, broker or insurance company.

– We recommend all three, please send a copy of the complaint to everyone, explains Bjurstrøm to bonytt. no.

Has the sale been by broker, buyer can advertise to broker who will pass this on to the seller.

– You can always complain directly to the seller, but we recommend sending a copy of the complaint to the broker and owner change insurance as well.

If you know that the seller has ownership change insurance and you know which company it is, is the fastest way to send the complaint directly to the company..

“Sold as it is”

When a property is sold as it is, the seller has basically disclaimed all liability – According to the Homeowners’ Association, you are not as a buyer without rights.

In summary, it means that if the property is in a significantly worse condition than you had reason to expect, the seller has retained important information or provided you with incorrect information, you still have the right to complain.

Remember, however, that when you buy a home, you are responsible for all errors you have been told about or should be viewed. Therefore, be careful to read all the documents that come with your sales assignment, and ask if there’s anything you’re wondering about.

Designation indicating that the home is sold with disclaimer:

  • “Sold as it is”
  • “As is”
  • “Overtas as inspected”
  • “Without liability for errors and omissions”

Check the property before you buy

SINTEF Building Research has developed the Housing Buyer’s Book. Here you can find checkpoints, for example, where homes may have weaknesses. In the book, the Consumer Council also provides tips on the purchase itself, such as reservations, takeover and complaint.

According to SINTEF Byggforsk, Boligköperboka is the first thorough housing buyer guide to advise on both building quality and housing benefits, and is also relevant for those who sell homes with important background materials.

Complaints Sma

The complaint should be in writing and the buyer should take a copy before it is sent to the seller. If the buyer wishes to cancel the purchase, this should be expressly stated in the complaint.

Here you will find the Consumer Council’s complaint template.

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