14 highlights in Amsterdam

No matter whether you are keen on shopping, food or architecture, here are the design beads you just have to bring with you.

14 highlights in Amsterdam

NATURAL FOOD: One of Nederlands’s best chefs, Sander Overeinder, runs Restaurant As as an ecological project. You can reserve a place by his away for lunch every day. Photo: Restaurant As.

14 highlights in Amsterdam

MISCELLANEOUS: Do not stay when you are in the Envy Restaurant, anything that is exhibited you can point out and get (for payment, of course). Photo: Envy.

14 highlights in Amsterdam

Today the rock museum opens

14 highlights in Amsterdam

Smart solutions to the booths

14 highlights in Amsterdam

This is the same house

“Amsterdam is the creative core because Amsterdam has the creative core” writes Marcel Wanders in his new book about Amsterdam.

And he sure is right in that.

Spectacular architecture and design are found in most major cities, including in Amsterdam.

Among other things, the new hotel Inntel Zaandam has made its mark.

Whether you are keen on shopping, design or food, here are some things you MUST get with you:

Design while eating

Envy: One of the city’s most popular eateries.

The main idea here is that you will feel like a regular guest in a small Italian delicatessen shop.

That’s why it’s only a long table and the food is set in an eye-level refrigerator so you can pick what you’re tempted by.

Also try the sister Vyne wine bar.

Restaurant As: One of Amsterdam’s best chefs, Sander Overeinder, makes delicious organic dishes in an open kitchen.

The main attraction of the place is that you can dine with the chef. Sign up via the internet the same day from 10 am. 00.

Bakery shop: Delicious bakery with several departments, all with different styles and decor.

The team of renowned designer Piet Hein Eek stands behind the decor in the center. Good bakery is also available.

Design to buy

14 highlights in Amsterdam

POTTER: Design Shop Pols The pot began in the eighties as a pottery, but is today one of the best desing shops in the city. PHOTO: Pulse Pots

The Frozen Fountain: Trendsetters among all interior stores with a varied and dynamic selection.

The standard collection is still expanding with unique objects and limited editions from designers like Piet Hein Eek, Jurgen Bey, Marcel Wanders, Ineke Hans, Hella Jongerius, Studio Job and Claudy Jongstra..

Pols Pot: In a former warehouse for coffee and cocoa beans, Pols Potten has created a very own world.

You get everything from porcelain and glassware to furniture, lighting and specially prepared kitchens.

De Weldaad: Two antique shops in the heart of Amsterdam with everything from country-style furniture and design classics, to the usual selection in a good retail store.

Many great unique products.

The owner retrieves goods directly from Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and France.

Mendo: Bookstore specializing in books on architecture, fashion, photography and design.

Concrete Design Agency has made the interior, which is black to emphasize the books.

Design to look at

14 highlights in Amsterdam

CALDT: The Frozen Fountain is a relatively new collection of designers – you’re guaranteed to go happily out of here. PHOTO: Frozen Fountain.

Rem island: A platform used for pirate killing in 1963 is towed into the district of Houthavens and converted into a restaurant.

14 highlights in Amsterdam

NOT A FISH: Nemo is the science center in Amsterdam, designed by the architect Renzo Piano. Like nice to go on top, like inside. PHOTO:

14 highlights in Amsterdam

PIRATER: This platform was built in 1963 as a pirate station for broadcasting. Today a good restaurant. Photo:

Opens in June, stunning views from the roof terrace!

Python Bridge: A wonderful footbridge that bends like a snake (including the name), designed by the architect firm West 8.

A demanding trip over all ups and downs, but the view is the effort worthy.

The Whale: A residential complex in the district of Sporenburg, designed by Cie.

The angles and the zinc-led facade make the distance away from a whale.

Nemo: The East Sea Science Center was built by the architect Renzo Piano, known for the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Like the opera in Oslo you can go on the roof, but here the content is also designed to entertain everyone, from small children to grown ups.

IJ-Plein district: One of the first major projects star architect Rem Koolhaas and his group OMA.

Mainly drawn around a school and student housing, but today one of the city’s best residential areas, with some good restaurants.

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