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12 dining tables that can be extended

These dining tables extend when you get guests.

12 dining tables that can be extended

When the family is gathering around swineribba in Christmas, it is important to have room for everyone. One thing is to have enough, good dining chairs.

But is the table far enough?

The few of us need dining space for ten to twelve people daily. A four meter long dining table will therefore occupy unnecessary space in the living room and is a bad idea if you are looking to make the most of the space efficiently..

Growing Table

An answer to this challenge is the dining table with extraction, ie tables that can be extended by adding extra table tops.

There are a variety of variants in the stores, in several different styles and price levels. The picture in the top and bottom shows Skovby’s model sm24, which costs from approx. 16. 000 kroner.

Among the most affordable you get is the Bjursta model from Ikea; a simple table with two hidden loading plates that can seat ten (length: 175 – 260 cm).

In the same Scandinavian style, but with a much easier expression and more refined details, you will find Norrgavel’s dining table in massive birch or oak.

12 dining tables that can be extended

EXTRACTABLE: The SM24 table from Skovby can seat up to eight people, but can be pulled out to accommodate 20 people.. Photo: Skovby

12 dining tables that can be extended

FRIENDLY AND EASY: Ikea’s dining table Bjursta is available, among other things, in stained beakers and clear acrylic lacquer, 1995. Photo: Ikea

12 dining tables that can be extended

SWIMMING BORDS ON THE BOARD: The Norrgavel bedside table is available with one or two loading plates hidden under the table top, NOK 10,900 – NOK 19,600. Photo: Jonas Ingerstedt

Established Classics

Drawing mechanism table is no new invention. Several of our time’s most important designers have made models that are still in production. Finnish Alvar Aalto is perhaps best known for the Norwegian people for his organic tulip vase, but architecture and furniture was a much more important part of his production.

The table H92 was designed in 1956, and is still in production at Artek. The table comes with two 58 cm loading plates added to each side. The maximum length will be 316 cm.

The oval long table CH 339 was designed by the Danish master Hans J. Wegner in 1962. The table has no sharp edges and is therefore comfortable to sit until. The price is stiff, but then this is a piece of furniture that will typically be inherited through several generations.

Rural long table

12 dining tables that can be extended

FINISH FINESSE: The drawing board H92 designed by Aalvar Aalto is run by Art Interiør in Oslo, NOK 49 335. Photo: Artek

12 dining tables that can be extended

Danish 50th anniversary: ​​The CH 339 oval table from Carl Hansen was designed in 1962, and is equally relevant today, from kr 31 145, Photo: Carl Hansen

If you are looking for rural aspirations for the interior and will try for a country style, there are several extraordinary tables that can work out. Classic-Romantic Valencia from Living is white paint in a way that the manufacturer himself calls for “Old Dirty White”, which makes the table at first glance can be taken to be an antique. The table has a total of eight legs, and when the table is not fully set, they stand quite tight.

12 dining tables that can be extended

Is this Bærum’s coolest villa?

A more modern variant that can also support a rural style is the coarse oak oak bar York. The table comes with two loading plates which together allow the table to extend by half a meter at each end – from 220 cm to 320 cm. However, the plates must be stored elsewhere: in the booth – or perhaps in the volume under the stairs?

Pipeline in Oak

There is no doubt that oak today is what pine was in the 70’s. The popular choice of materials is to some extent a matter of taste, but it is also about characteristics. Oak is harder than pine, and is therefore not as prone to scratches and notches. Such material properties are of particular importance when choosing the correct solid floor, but also counts if you tend to delay the table for rough treatment.. No matter what tree you choose, there are ways to fix ugly scratches and wounds in the tabletop.

12 dining tables that can be extended

GAMEN ON EQUIPMENT: The Valencia Valencia Living Room table is treated in a way that works old, b: 120 cm x 110-350 cm, kr 9995. Photo: Valencia

12 dining tables that can be extended

BENA IN KORS: The York table designed by Helene Hennie is one of Slettvoll’s heavyweight, from £ 33,100. Photo: Slettvoll

The cleaned table SH900 Extend from Carl Hansen is extended by pulling simply from each other. Bena still stands in each corner when the table is knocked out. The table measures 100 cm in width and 190 – 300 cm in length.

12 dining tables that can be extended

This way the living room was brand new

The Trenton table from Skeidar has right angles and has coarser dimensions. The table is 180 cm long and extended by attaching an extra flap (à 45 cm) on each side.

New Norwegian-produced Engø from Tonning is extended with so-called butterfly plates – a term that makes sense only when you see the mechanism. The table is available in two sizes (88 x 178 or 100 x 220). The butterfly plate measures 100 cm.

Round Shapes

All tables are flat on top, but not everyone has corners. Among the market’s most sophisticated extensible tables, SM32 is available from Danish Skovby. The elip-shaped table has lining plates hidden in the shelf. The mechanism can be explained by reading an instruction manual, but the manufacturer believes that a video seems more convincing.

12 dining tables that can be extended

STRONG LINES: The elegant SH 900 draw table is manufactured by Carl Hansen, from $ 42,100, Photo: Carl Hansen

12 dining tables that can be extended

RIMELIGERE: The table Trenton from Skeidar is made of solid and finely oak, kr 4490 (incl.. two plates). Photo: Skeidar

12 dining tables that can be extended

SUMMERFUGLEFFEKT: The Oak Table Engø from Tonning comes with Butterfly plates, kr 29 900. Photo: Arild Solberg

Less spectacular, but perhaps more achievable, the BoConcept elipse-shaped laminate table, which can be extended from 120 cm to 220 cm by inserting two plates in the middle.

12 dining tables that can be extended

Tissue kitchen and living room into one room

Loose bends

An alternative to pull-out table is simply having two bends and a plate on the trunk, for example in the trunk. When the guests grow up, put the bows and the plate until the dining table – if there is room – and cover the joint with a cloth or two.

For optimal match, take measurements of your existing table and cut to a plate – such as pine or plywood – in the same width.

12 dining tables that can be extended

RUNDE HJØRNER: The BoConcept laminate table is 220 cm in length with both loading plates in use, NOK 8990. Photo: Jakob + weiland reklamfoto

For the extra table to be the same height as the main table, you should select bends that can be adjusted in height.

12 dining tables that can be extended

The interior everyone dreams of

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Multiple dining tables in different price ranges

12 dining tables that can be extended

TREBENTE BUKKER. The loose bows from Hay are among the most elegant you can get. Note that they can not be adjusted in height. Loop Stand Table costs kr 4949, bukkene kr 1299 for two, hayshop. no Photo: Hay

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