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11 places to visit this summer

We have found places in Norway worth a visit. Some new, some older, but you may not have heard of everyone yet?

11 places to visit this summer

If you are in Norway this summer, we gladly give you some tips on places to come.

The Troll Street Platform is a newly opened revelation with a breathtaking view. In Ålesund you can enjoy the night in a lighthouse, in Sandefjord you will see a very special sculpture exhibition in the woods. Or what about the islands exhibition on the Fitjar Islands?

In Østfold you will find an available yard with wine tasting and delicious meals. For those shopping interested we have included a couple of lifestyle stores that have a carefully selected interior committee.

In the presentation we also have some hotels, restaurants and cafes with the little extra.

11 places to visit this summer

NEW OPEN REVENUE. In mid-June the Trollgården plateau opened in magnificent surroundings, the plateau is part of the national tourist road project. Photo: Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Troll Street Platform, Romsdal

11 places to visit this summer

Do not miss these hotels

Two view platforms and an overwhelming café building thrones in Trollstigen. The viewing platform floats above Trollstigveien which slopes up the steep mountain side. Awareness of architectural elements and materials that emphasize the lightning and character of the place make this a unique attraction.

The architect behind is Reiulf Ramstad Architects. Landscape Architect is Multiconsult. The Troll Trail, which is part of the National Tourist Route project, opened in June this year. Read more on national tourism roads. no.

Norwegian Forest Museum, Elverum

11 places to visit this summer

ANIMAL IMPRESSION. Strike through the Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum and experience a museum with very special lighting. Photo: NIL’s Yearbook

Museums need not be boring. Step inside and see the exhibition structured in different color zones as in this green portal. Glass is used as transparent walls and the stuffed animals are on open podiums and in niches. The lighting operates dramaturgy in the premises and makes the visit unique. The exhibition Tråkk received Norsk Lyspris 2011 last year for the creative lighting. The project is by interior designer MNIL Elisabeth Løvold, forest mower. no.

11 places to visit this summer

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

Frieles, Bergen Train Station

The Frieles coffee shop at the prestigious railway station was established 20 years ago. Now, however, the site is refurbished with focus on the historical character of the building. And of course there is the coffee cup in the center, so that’s a whole wall dedicated to the exhibition Coffee Cup Unika. Sol Design is behind the design, more about the concept of solar design. no.

11 places to visit this summer

SEARCHED MEMBERSHIP. At the prestigious railway station in Bergen you can relax with a cup of newly refurbished Frieles Kaffehus. Photo: Ane Bysheim

Olivia Pizzeria, Tjuvholmen in Oslo

11 places to visit this summer

See the floating neighborhood in Amsterdam

The Tjuvholmen at Aker Brygge in Oslo offers exciting architecture and more new eateries. If you are tired of all the architectural sensations, we recommend going to the pizzeria. Metropolis Architecture & Design stands for the decor that is intimate, but also has a rough expression. Interior architects have managed to create an Italian atmosphere in the premises. We also like the tile floor in the delicatessen department. Read more about olive oil restaurants. no.

Hotel Saga in Oslo

11 places to visit this summer

TASTE ITALY. Tjuvholmen at Aker Brygge in Oslo offers exciting architecture and more new dining options, including Olivia Pizzeria. Photo: NIL’s Yearbook

The boutique hotel has undergone further renovation work, and was awarded the Good Design Award by the Norwegian Design Council in April. The classical origin of the building is now emphasized with modern, tight lines. Traditional materials like wood, velvet and silk are combined with concrete, plexiglas and frosted foils.

11 places to visit this summer

Achtung! Berlin’s hippest hotel

– Saga is also the only hotel in Norway that has participated in Domus Selecta, a collection of the most romantic hotels in the world, says hotel director Christian Fr. Sandberg. Read more at sagahoteloslo. no

Holme Exhibition on the Fitjar Islands

11 places to visit this summer

CLASSICAL ELEGANES. In the spring, hotel Saga was awarded the Good Design Award by the Norwegian Design Council. The newly refurbished hotel has a classic style. Photo: Apall Design and Trine Thorsen

Get Five Thousand Generations of Birds, a unique holm exhibition that takes place on selected of the 381 islands in the municipality of Hordaland. The exhibition itself will be 10-12 August, but in the three weeks before, the involved artists, both Norwegian and international names, will live and work on the eyes.

11 places to visit this summer

13 lamps with the little extra

They will then be assigned their respective islets as an exhibition venue. Own exhibit boats will guide spectators between the islands during the exhibition weekend. The event is free for the public. Read more: ftgofbirds. just

Gran Domino, Fredrikstad

If you do not find anything in this interior shop, look for something very special. Gran Domino is an interior store that leads leading brands in Scandinavian and international design. The store is located in the Old Town and only the surroundings are worth a trip. Besides Gran Domino, you will also find other exciting stores in the same area, granddomino. no

11 places to visit this summer

SUMMERBRIS AND MÅKEESKRIK. You can experience this unique holm exhibition in the Fitjar Islands in August. Photo: Juuso Noronkoski

Hotel Brosundet in Ålesund

Hotel Brosundet is located in a former warehouse at Brosundet in the old part of Ålesund. Interior designers from Snøhetta have furnished guest rooms, where original timber structures are in contrast to waterproofed walls and modern furniture.

A single hotel room is located in the nearby Molja lighthouse. It is only 13 square meters spread over 2 floors. From the bed you have full views over the Atlantic Ocean and the islands outside Ålesund. A special place for a special occasion, as the Trip Advisor Trip Advisor writes. The website has given the Hotel Traveler’s Choice Award 2012. Read more on brosundet. no.

Ekeby Farm, Rygge

11 places to visit this summer

HERLIG INTERIORROVERFLOD. In the old town of Fredrikstad is the store Gran Domino, where you will find the most. The old town is an experience in itself. Photo: Gran Domino

Moss is not far away, whether you want an exquisite meal, wine tasting or want to trade specialties from agriculture. You can also buy a picnic basket with goodies and enjoy it out there, where you can get acquainted with goats and pheasants. Ekeby works closely with the Fairview vineyard in South Africa, where geit tower is located there. You can also buy South African goodies in the farm shop, Ekeby. no

Another Room in Search

Anna’s lifestyle store is located in a characteristic old country store a stone’s throw from the brewery in Langenes, so visitors are as likely to come by boat as by car. The range consists of 60 percent interior and 40 percent clothing and accessories, with special focus on Nordic and industrial design right now. And in June, the cafe is set up here too. Read more: annasrom. no

11 places to visit this summer

DELIVERED IN YEAR. Hotel Brosundet in Ålesund offers a special accommodation. Interior designers from Snøhetta have furnished the rooms in the former warehouse and in the lighthouse. Photo: Marte Garmann Johnsen

Midtåsen Sculpture Park, Sandefjord

This airy exhibition building in concrete, glass and steel can be found at Midtåsen in Sandefjord. It houses 12 marble sculptures made of deceased Knut Steen, and in the park outside you can enjoy another four sculptures cast in bronze. The building was designed by Lund Hagem Architects, and last year was awarded the design award Betongtavlen for an innovative and beautiful interpretation of the natural situation and an exquisite framing of Steen’s sculptures.

11 places to visit this summer

DRA TO MOSS. Outside Moss, in Rygge, this farmhouse is available whether you want to eat good food in the restaurant or get acquainted with goats and pheasants. Photo: Ekeby farm

11 places to visit this summer

NORDISK IN AGRICULTURAL TRADE. Lifestyle store in Search with clothes and cafe in one. Photo: Anita Knutsen

11 places to visit this summer

SMOKING IN SANDEFJORD. This airy exhibition house houses marble sculptures of deceased Knut Steen. Photo: Nils Kavlie-Borge


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