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10 we trust digger

Bonytt’s journalists have reviewed 10 chairs – both current news and classics.

10 we trust digger

10 we trust digger

FIN DAMAGE: “Tobias”, Ikea, kr 675 Photo: Frode Larsen

Niklas Hart and Siv Kerstin Bakke are journalists and interior experts in the magazine Bonytt. For that reason, the test kit has ten chairs with a critical look and a sensitive body.

1. “Tobias”

Siv: The Ikea tube chair is cool while it’s affordable. The designers at Ikea are included. I like the mixture of materials plastic and steel pipes. The chair has a nice flaw, my feet fit under the chair and it’s comfortable enough to withstand some hours around the dining table. Aberet is that the plastic can be scratched after a lot of use.

Niklas: Super chair. The thoughts go to the 20’s functionists who were obsessed with bending steel pipes. But your pioneering work was always too expensive for most people, and then Ikea is fine on the pitch. The chair gives good flaws, both because of the flexible acrylic glass in the seat and the undercarriage shape. Of course, you must mount it yourself, and in our case there was a screw that was not completely set as it should. Why was not it so surprising, believe me?

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2. “Jærstolen”

10 we trust digger

NORSK HANDSVERK: “Jærstolen” from Slåke Møbelfabrikk, Huseby, approx.. NOK 2695 Photo: Frode Larsen

Siv: A solid Norwegian craft chair. This edition does not provide room for the feet under the seat but the back works for me. Because of the seat of seaweed, I’m somewhat skeptical about wearing silk stockings or floral lace dress if I have to spend a long dinner in this chair.

Niklas: “Jærstolen” became 70 years last year and is one of our classics. The chair has long proved that it has the right of life in the furniture jungle, but even I think it fits the cabin and the cottage clothes: The seat in braided, rough seaweed tears on the pants cake. On a bad day, I might also annoy me that the reinforcement pins between the reservina prevent me from pulling my feet under the chair. The “Axle” model by the way does not have this little annoyance.

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3. “Date”

Siv: A web meeting with a chair with very good back failure. I almost think it gets too much of the good. However, the chair offers variations, which is excellent if the team team or family dinner lasts for the small hours. “Date” is soft to sit on and it has a narrow back. Too big people may your back be a problem? An advantage that it is available in many colors. I also like it has a fun and different shape.

10 we trust digger

CALCULATED: “Date”, Variable, House Town, Approx. NOK 5210. Photo: Frode Larsen

Niklas: The first time I set “Date”, I had to cling to the table lady to not fall into the floor. Now I am prepared. Not only does I sit in it without sticking to the table; I also manage to relax in it. Occasionally, it gives me the feeling of sitting on a fitness machine, but it is just as one of the most comfortable ones because it invites you to change your seat without ever hurting yourself. The tilting mechanism is phenomenal: lovely to be able to tilt the chair without being thrown out of the dinner party.

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4. “Tilen”

Siv: Stopped chair that I’m looking forward to. Although it is traditional in appearance, the chair has nice details in the design. The latest model has also got a carry handle. A plus that it is Norwegian-produced, but despite the details, it’s a bit boring. There is room for legs under the chair as well as good rounded edges so as not to direct the diapers. “Tilen” takes another couple of hours around the dining table with friends who do not want to go home, for me it also works well in the back.

Niklas: At first glance, the “Tilen” works ordinary and a little bit of confidence, but it has something to do: it’s clever and smells of proper craftsmanship, which is appealing in itself. It’s quite tough how the front seatbones together make up one shape and how they rearward go upward over the back of the chair. The seat is soft and free of “wooden taste”, but when I lean back in the evening, it spins between my vertebrae.

10 we trust digger

TRADITIONAL: “Tilen”, Toning, House Town, Approx. kr 5137. Photo: Frode Larsen

5. “Eames Plastic Chair DSR”

Siv: The plastic chair supports the back and is body-friendly, but I miss space under my chair. The choice of material and the shape of the seat are appealing, but it becomes a forest with bones under the chair. The underframe reminds me of a high-rise mast. Twelve of these around my dining table are getting too much. Then I prefer the edition with four “regular” steel legs, which can also be stacked.

Niklas: DSR has clipboards in the interior magazines, and I think many people are getting tired of it. I like it more and more. Not because it was the world’s first industrially manufactured plastic chair, but because the shape is so perfect. The seat is rounded in the right places and is good to the body without resembling a health furniture. Besides, this is one of the modern classics that has an affordable price.

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10 we trust digger

MODERN CLASSICS: “Supernatural”, Moroso, Hole Design, Approx. kr 1170. Photo: Frode Larsen

6. “Scandia Jr.. “

Siv: This is a chair that invites you to sit over time and I’m particularly weak for the look. Beautiful material use and nice shape. The Trespils provide comfortable flaws and the chair is easy to stack. Junior works excellent alone, but it’s a delicious luxury to have ten or twelve such Norwegian classics around the dining table. The chair originally designed by Hans Brattrud in 1957, is fortunately refurbished by Norway Fjordfiesta, think it’s Norwegian!

Niklas: A factory fire in 1972 was sentenced to Scandia Jr. But five years ago, a design student from Oslo started a resuscitation project. What a treat! The chair is lovely to look at and friendly to the body: Nice flaw, good support on the lower back and cordially rounded at the back. Thus, it invites you to attend both school and school dishes. This year it also comes with a high back and in several colors.

7. “Supernatural”

Siv: An eye-catcher, I like the fresh pale green color, the material use and the pattern in the back. The muzzle of the material and the hole pattern is slight. The hole in the seat is convenient to grab when the chair is to be cleaned and it is easy to stack. A chair that gets solid attention in the dining room, but it has a small amount of back in the back and, visually, I think the seat is large relative to the back.

10 we trust digger

FRIENDLY TO THE BOTTLE: “Scandia Jr. “, Fjordfiesta, Pur Norsk, approx. kr 3565. Photo: Frode Larsen

Niklas: Supernatural looks like a poisonous aliens who have come to take me. But it’s good at the bottom. The effervescent shapes and the harsh colors spit up any dining room, but it’s hardly my dining room. Maybe a couple to the balcony?

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8. “Masai”

Siv: This Italian with armrests expresses comfort. I am looking for precious details, including contrasting stitches all around the chair. Here I can sit for a long time with a nice company. One drawback is that the chair is hard to stack away if you can not have all standing forward permanently. For us who put in extra table top for the occasion big company and stacks away four chairs after use, the leather chairs require storage. Despite the elegance, I think it’s something “heavy in the body”.

10 we trust digger

BLIKKFANG: “Supernatural”, Moroso, Hole Design, approx. kr 1170. Photo: Frode Larsen

Niklas: Can you eat peas soup from a Masai? It oozes Italian elegance. The fingers run along the seams, which are markedly highlighted in a light contrasting color. Here the arms can finally find rest and the back sink into the seat. But by the sixth, or was it the seventh right, I’d like to lean back a bit. Then butter it. The top of the backrest is neither rounded nor padded, and therefore tired to rest against. There is also no failure that might have brought a little back into blood circulation again.

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9. “Panton-chairs”

Siv: Pop icon from the 60’s, sparse in design, the whole chair is made in one form, amazing. It’s comfortable, it does not have a seat as a bother, but I think the chair can be hard after some hours of sitting. I like the swinging shape and lines with swung. Even though it’s almost fifty, the Panton chair is very close. It is also available in colorful editions.

Niklas: I do not really like plastic. Neither from an aesthetic nor environmental point of view. But I love the Panton chair. The reason must be that the chair takes the formability of the material seriously; It does not look like anyone else. The idea that it is cast in one piece can certainly make it a dumb for a furniture engineer, but to me it’s just a dry fact. It is the distinctive character of the chair, body-stimulating form and sensual lines that fascinate. And that makes me not travel to the lady who is looking for a free chair.

10 we trust digger

ITALIAN ELEGANSE: “Masai”, Arper, Next Level Design, Approx. kr 4000 Photo: Frode Larsen

10. “Sjuer”

Siv: The “everyone” class has an opinion about. I like the shape, comfort and ease of footing. In particular, I like this edition of dark-beaked oak. The sewing machine has a comfortable rounded seat edge and can be stacked. I would like to spend more hours on this chair, but it’s not my first choice right now.

Niklas: It’s a cliché, but what’s up? All designers think something about owning a sieger. Is it a sign of cultivated taste, or does it testify about imagination? When I try to shut out the symbol values ​​the chair is fully charged, I see a beautifully shaped and cleverly designed furniture. And my body agrees. It holds for me.

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10 we trust digger

ORIGINAL: The Vitra Panton Chair is the favorite chair of Bonytt journalist Niklas Hart. Photo: Frode Larsen

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10 we trust digger

CLASSICS: “3107 (Sjueren)”, Fritz Hansen, Tannum, approx. kr 3785. Photo: Frode Larsen


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