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10 tips for you to paint!

Paint as a master with our simple painting tips.

10 tips for you to paint!

1 Paint can do something about the feeling of space in the home. If you use bright colors, the walls will be visually pushed into the room. Conversely, dark colors will pull in the walls.

2 In small rooms, you should stick to toner-toned colors rather than contrast colors. It gives a calmer expression and makes the room appear bigger. Paint the doors in the same color as the walls to match the surroundings.

3 Use the colors to achieve a balance in the room. A good rule is that the floor should be darkest, the walls are brighter and the ceiling lightest. A white ceiling gives the feeling of increased height. By keeping the floorboards bright and as close to the wall color as possible, the wall height is further emphasized. If it’s high ceilings, you can paint it in a dark color to make it look lower.

4 A narrow passage will appear wider if the end walls are painted in a dark, warm color, and the side walls in a paler shade. This technique can also have a rectangular space to look square.

5 Items you’d like to hide, like radiators and embedded cabinets, will become less clear if you paint them in the same color as the walls around.

6 In contrast, you can let the fireplace, a bookshelf or a large piece of furniture become the centerpiece of the room by painting the wall in a more prominent color than the other walls.

7 Think about how the room is positioned in relation to daylight. North-facing rooms have a cold light and a warm color will make it feel lunatic. South facing rooms are warm and sunny and may need to cool down with a slightly colder tone.

8 Colors are like chameleons, they change with the light and with other colors they are put together with. Always try the color before painting the entire wall. Paint a small field on the wall, or paint on a piece of paper that you move around. Then you can see how the paint is affected by the different lighting conditions. Choose colors that work with both daylight and artificial lighting. Remember that the colors will always darken when they dry.

9 A color that never gets outdated is white. It is available in more shades than any other color. White walls are flattering to furniture of all colors because they are natural light reflectors. But it’s important to know that a pure white color can jump out to you like any other strong color. In Norway we have a natural cold light, so you may want to choose a warm white. For example, try mixing a clean, clear white color with magnolia.

10 Modern interior designers often have halogen lights that may seem cold compared with the light from incandescent lamps. You can compensate for this by choosing a warmer white color on the walls.

11 All colors increase when they are on large surfaces. You should therefore choose one shade brighter on the color chart than the tone you really want.

12 Blank or matte paint? Blank paint will better structure and pattern, while the mat hides what you do not want.

10 tips for you to paint!

Photo: Siri Møller

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